Keep Your Wedding Feet Happy!

by Jenny Bryde 3. March 2014 01:32

You get dressed, attend the ceremony, take a zillion pictures, sit down for a second for dinner, and then dance the night away!  Your wedding day of being on your feet can last for hours and hours, and considering the fact that brides simply love having the cutest pair of shoes possible, it's no wonder why our toes are killing us by the end of the day.  Many brides opt to change out of their "cute" shoes and into something more comfy by the time they reach the dance floor.  Today's post is about how to keep those happy feet happy on your big day!

Here are some items up for your review that could make or break your wedding shoe experience:

First up is the Pedag Delux Fit Right Kit which includes heel, forefoot, and strap grips to help keep your shoes in place.  No slipping in your shoes while using these! ~$25



Next we have the highly rated Foot Petals Women's Tip Toes 3 Pack and Heavenly Heelz 3 Pack Cushion Combo which as seen in the picture gives an extra layer of cushioning for the balls of your feet and your heels.  ~$25



And last but not least, I present to you Tuli's Classic Gel Heel Cups which surround your heel in a layer of gel cloud to help with impact from all that dancing!  ~$13


So there you have it.  You CAN wear your dream shoes all day long if you'd like and have your toes ready to be photographed at any point!  You still may want to keep a handy pair of flip flops on hand as an emergency back up, but these should do the trick!  Happy dancing!

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