The Great Debate - Dramatic or Natural Wedding Make Up?

by Jenny Bryde 10. August 2013 15:52

On your wedding day, you want to look like yourself but we often pump up the make up application simply because it's the number one picture taking day, and it's easy to lose someone's features in a picture if they weren't properly emphasized with a little behind the scenes beauty trickery to begin with!  I hear brides all the time debate between whether they want to look like a flawless version of themselves or if they want to amp up the volume and play up their features.  

Either direction can make a beautiful bride, so I thought I'd share pictures of both natural and dramatic make up for inspiration on this great debate.

First up - The natural brides.  These brides have beautiful make up and almost seem to be glowing.  They look like themselves but just on a really, really good day!



The next set of brides were a little more bold with their make up selection.  Focusing in on amplified colors really emphasized these brides' best features:




The results with these brides are as varied as their maiden names, but they all have in common that their make up looks fabulous!  You may want to have multiple looks that you try out for your wedding day to get the best look for YOU when you walk down the aisle.  

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