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by Jenny Bryde 3. November 2012 01:24

Out of all the decisions for our wedding, the idea that evolved the most was our choice of colors.  I must have looked at a hundred wedding magazines and websites and pictures of our venue I narrowed down our choice.  Even when the decision was "final" I found myself loving other color combinations.  Heck, even years after we've been married, and I wander around a wedding show, I STILL think about what I'd pick if I were to get married all over again!

Sometimes the first step is when you fall in love with a beautiful picture.  Pictures are so powerful in that they convey the mood and the beauty of a situation, so when you find that picture that makes your heart stop, it's not really because you want that exact wedding displayed.  It's because you want THAT kind of party, THAT kind of beauty, THAT kind of fun, or what have you. is a site with a number of different fun tools, and one of their best, in my own humble opinion, is the color palette generator.  After signing up for a free account, I could take any picture that I had fallen in love with, upload it, and the color palette generator spat out a dozen color samples pulled from that picture.  It would be an excellent way to figure out what colors would go well together when you are picking bridesmaid dresses, linens, invitations, whatever!

Here are some examples of where I found wedding pictures that I loved and shoved them through the color palette generator...










How easy would it be to go to a bridal store and say I want dresses that match THIS color swatch?  So easy!  And those funny number/letter codes under each swatch are very meaningful to a graphic designer when you order your wedding invitations!  The work is done for you!  And that hard to pin color that you couldn't figure out, well there it is. 

Related tip - my other favorite place to find color swatches is the paint aisle at a home improvement store!  Spend some time mixing and matching those cardstock swatches to find great color combinations!

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