What's your sign? ...er...color?

by Jenny Bryde 5. February 2011 03:46

QCWeddings.com has been serving the Quad Cities wedding community for over six years now, and lately we've decided that we needed a little bit of a face lift.  We talked to many of you at recent bridal shows and shared a few of the things coming to the site...budget tools, seating chart help, personalized pages, etc.  We CANNOT wait for you all to see all the tools and renovations that are coming down the pike very shortly!

One major discussion that we've been having around the office is what color palette should we use.  We all kind of agreed that our current color palette on the blog and message board is a little dreary and needs an update badly.  We tossed and turned around colors, and at one point, I thought to myself, is this really worth all the concern?  It's just a color choice, right?  And then I thought about when we started planning our wedding how one of the first decisions that we made (and one of the most often asked question throughout the engagement) was what colors were we using. 

Color is extremely important to people.  Whether it's weddings, websites, or widgets, having a set of complimentary hues around you can elevate your mood, bring on nostalgia, excite, or relax you.  As we became deeper and deeper into our color research, we found out that there is just a ton of research already out there on color choices and color therapy and what not.  It's fascinating! 

Here is a fun color chart provided by PaperSource.  Find your wedding colors on this chart...do the descriptions add up to what you hope your wedding day will be?  Adventurous?  Romantic?  Nostalgic?  Relaxed?  Exciting? Click on the images to open a zoomable readable version....is zoomable a word?  It is now, I suppose.  :)


So it's no wonder that your choice in color for whatever is an important selection.  We've narrowed down our selection to a few color palettes, and the new site design should be coming to you VERY soon!  We are so excited!!


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