How to Keep Your Guest Extra Happy with Activities

by Jenny Bryde 25. June 2010 11:24

I guess you could call me a people-pleaser personality.  I always want to receive praise for things I do, and I find contentment in knowing that people are happy.  No, I'm not a saint...I think this derives from my fear of disappointing people...really it's quite narcisistic. 

So what am I dwelling on today? 

Activities for my guests...entertainment...a little something extra.  Okay, so our guests will get to come to a lovely place, eat delicious food, dance to some great music, but beyond that I feel like I need to provide something to entertain people.  I have this blundering running list going on in my head that doesn't relieve my anxiety, and maybe if I get it down in this blog post I will start to calm down.

I'd like to start a running list of cute/sentimental/unique ideas that all of us could put together to entertain our guests.  I'll start off with a good baker's dozen on this list, but PLEASE post your ideas on the message board, and I will add them to this blog post with a credit to your amazing brains!

1)  Trivia Cards - 6-10 different facts about the couple with multiple choice answers that could be spread out on different tables throughout the reception area.  It could be a good ice breaker and discussion source for guests.

2)  Lottery tickets - Check out this awesome link where they show you how to make your own lottery tickets.  You could put things on there like one free pass to cut in line to dance with the bride, get an extra piece of cake, start the mambo, or other ideas like that. 

3)  Lawn games - I think it would be fun to have a set of croquet mallets ready to go....or that washer game that I see everyone playing at picnics....or hula hoops....or bag races!  Even if just the kids play, it will be entertaining for folks to watch and make for some great photo opps.  Can you imagine a bride standing on the washer game box throwing the washers? 

4)  Photo booth - I have waxed poetic on many occasions of how I think that a photo booth is an amazing amount of fun for a wedding reception.  I won't be a broken record.  DO IT!  :)

5)  Song selection - With their RSVPs have your guests write down a song suggestion for you to play at the wedding.  Each guest will recognize as "their" song comes on!

6)  Hire a band - Live music of any sort adds that extra punch of fun to the dance floor, and we have so many local talents that there is sure to be a band of your taste who could play at your wedding!

7)  Characature artists - Hire someone to set up a little table where guests can get a fun wacky pictage of themselves at the wedding!

8)  Wearable place cards - Instead of just a card or a poster telling your guests where to sit, why not give them a flower that they can each pin on as a boutinierre or a corsage?

9)  Crossword puzzle - Come up with a crossword puzzle full of clues about the couple that your guests need to solve in order to finish.

10)  Hire some dancers - Why not get some professional salsa dancers to get the dance floor warmed up!  Very Dirty Dancing! 

11)  Sparklers and/or Fireworks - I don't care if your wedding is in the dead of winter.  Everyone loves fire.  I can't explain why, but they do.  I think it has something to do with the cave man or woman living inside us all...  Give each guest a sparkler or hire a company to put on a private fireworks show for you.  Just be safe about this, folks.  If you do sparklers, be sure to have a bucket of water to douse the sparklers when people are through with them. 

12)  A message tree - Instead of a guest book, have each person write a note with a piece of advice or their favorite quote and tie them to a tree at your guest book table. 

13)  Butterfly releases - You can order live butterfly cocoons that you raise and then like put under a napkin so that a live butterfly emerges when the guests pick up their napkins.......buuuuuuuuuuut there's a little voice inside of my head that feels that it is slightly mean to the butterflies, plus what if the cocoons don't hatch?  ("Um thanks for coming to my wedding...her's a little brown nugget.  What does it fly? just lies there.")  But here is a link to where you can make your own paper butterflies that will actually fly.  How fun! 

Okay, ladies and gents!  I've started the list!  What else do you know of that we could add?  Spill it!  :)



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