Local Color Palette No. 1

by Jenny Bryde 3. April 2010 07:31

Picking a color palette is probably one of the earliest decisions that a bride and groom make.  Often times, inspiration is taken from favorite colors, schools or teams that are important to the couple, or even from inspiration pictures that have been found in magazines or on the web. 

Sometimes, there is inspiration right in our own back yards!  Starting today, you're going to start to see some vibrant, unique, and rich color palettes derived from pictures taken of local landmarks and signature Quad Cities items!  

Starting off our tour today is a picture taken inside the Quad Cities Botanical Center.  Finding a color palette in nature is a fantastic way to start, and check out these gorgeous colors that were drawn from this picture!


Image courtesy of the Botanical Center

Imagine the places that you could use these colors: linens, flowers, stationery, bridesmaid dresses, favors... So share with us on the message board - How did you come up with your wedding color palette??

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