An Interview with River Cities Wedding Photography!

by Jenny Bryde 3. November 2009 14:11

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the newest and most exciting photography companies of the Quad Cities, River Cities Wedding Photography! Run by the partnership of Lou Brems and Jeremy Ford, this photog pair provides a wealth of experience and passion that make them a prime choice for any bride and groom who value exceptional beauty, creativity, and style in their wedding pictures…

JB: Thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to meet with! Let’s start off by hearing about how River Cities Wedding Photography (RCWP) came to be…

Lou: Well, both of us are from the Midwest area and have spent a combined amount of 25 years working with other photography companies only to realize that we wanted to do things our way with our own style.

Jeremy: Each of us attended the Brooks Institute of Photography which is ranked in the top three Professional Photography schools in the entire country. Lou has a degree in Visual Journalism, and I have a degree in Advertising Photography. Lou’s focus in the program was visual journalism which comes into play with wedding photography because so much of it is telling a story of the couple’s relationship and wedding day events. Jeremy’s focus in advertising is all about the details that tie into the rings, flowers, and the small subtleties of the events day.

JB: Exactly! So have you two always been interested in wedding photography specifically?

Jeremy: Lou worked for a while doing photography for a West Virginia newspaper before returning to the Quad Cities. News photography seems to be a bit of a dying breed whereas wedding photography continues to be a growing industry. His experience in news photography completely translates to our wedding photography. I specialize in Product Photography such as in shots of the rings, faces, food, flowers, etc.

Lou: My strength is in Action Photography where there is movement or a long distance between camera and the subject. Great wedding photography requires skills for all kinds of shots, and it’s a perfect solution for our partnership. RCWP was founded in May 2009 when we decided that we wanted to create a photography company that housed our strengths and let us make our own choices.

JB: The QCA is such a great place to live, and we have many great photography companies here. What makes RCWP stand out as a top contender?

Lou: I think I can speak for both of us that we believe wedding photography is more than pictures; it’s cementing memories so that they never fade. It has to be done right, and our company has taken steps to ensure that we are able to do this. From start to finish we want to make sure that we are a great fit for a bride and groom. We believe that it’s so important for a photographer to be a great match personality-wise with a client, and we are professional and fun to work with.

Jeremy: We both have our favorite shots that we like to work in with our clients such as when Lou slows his shutter down to capture the light during the most moving moments of the reception, and I like to capture people’s reactions and expressions when they aren’t trying to pose. That’s where the real love can be found.

Lou: Along with our strengths as photographers, we are also just a practical business. We carry some of the best equipment and offer lots of options. I love my Canon, and Jeremy is partial to his Nikon, and we lug around all kinds of lenses and other equipment so that we aren’t ever limited by not having the right stuff there to capture those moments. We can do things like digital or film photography, remote cameras so that we aren’t distracting to the guests, “long lens” shots that can take pictures up to 300 feet away, sending our female assistant in to take the bride “getting ready” photos that have become so popular…we do it all…

Jeremy: And when the day is done, the relationship with the client doesn’t stop. We can customize their album choices. The bride and groom can select any and all of their favorite shots, and from that, we create a custom album in a documentary style that tells the couple’s story and shows the gamut of emotions that were present for their wedding.

JB: It sounds like you guys offer complete service to your clients that are so reassuring for a bride and groom who are looking to invest in their wedding photography! So tell me a piece of advice that you’d like to offer our readers as they look for a wedding photographer…

Lou: Make sure that you find a photographer who matches the style of what you want. Each bride and groom is unique, and so is each photographer. Take some time to investigate all the options out there, and get what you want!

JB: Great advice! That wraps things up…thanks so much for letting me pick your brains!! River City Wedding Photography really sounds like they can be an amazing fit for many of our upcoming weddings! Here are a couple of shots from a recent engagement session. These are breathtaking! It is obvious that Lou and Jeremy are true artists!

If you are interested in learning more about them, you can visit the River City Wedding Photography website to view their gallery of photos. You can also stop into Lou and Jeremy’s individual photography websites to see more of their styles… and

And as they so wisely advised, we should all get to know our photographers well as they will be with us for the entire duration of our weddings. Jeremy and Lou were so much fun to talk to; I’m sure that many of you would be thrilled to have them shoot your wedding!

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