Hashtag Your Event!

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2015 00:58

Looking around your wedding, you can quickly become overwhelmed if you try to take it all in: all the conversations, laughs, tears, hugs, and smiles.  If you have a tech savy crowd and would like to create a "back channel" for your event, consider coming up with your own hashtag.  Think about all the fun you'll have later reading messages and viewing pictures that your friends and families have posted with your very own hashtag.  You can try to make up your own, or you can hop over to Wedding Wire's really fun hashtag generator.  Click here to go directly there.  On the tool, they will have you enter some simple information, and then pow!  You can scroll through all the hashtags they come up with to find the right one for you!  Remember that you want your hashtag to be short enough and memorable so that people can quickly use it and still have room for their message.  You can include your hashtag in your invitations, programs, or signage at your wedding.  How fun!!


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Should We Bring Back Gloves?

by Jenny Bryde 5. October 2014 09:17

Looking at any wedding pic from the early days of photography through even the 1970s, it seemed a common thing that brides wore gloves.  A nod to current fashion trends of being appropriately dressed from head to toe perhaps?  Not sure, but somewhere in the 80s this trend sort of died, and now we rarely see bridal gloves.  I'm thinking there might be movement for a comeback though.  Check out these "natchomomma's" styles that are available for today's brides!


Pearl and lace flowers gloves - $37

Lace Steampunk Gloves - $16

French lace gloves - $30

Floral lace gloves - $25

Gatsby inspired bridal glove - $38

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Non-Monotonous Monograms

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2014 00:36

Everyone puts their letters stamped all over their weddings, right?  Well not really, but we certainly see a lot of initials.  After all, you're engaged for months and wondering if you're going to be Mrs. John Doe, Mrs. Jane Doe, Mrs. Jane Smith-Doe, right?  Check out these unique ways to incorporate your monogram into your wedding.



First off, you could hire a graphic designer to whip together a monogram or name graphic that matches your wedding colors and design.  You could then use the graphic to decorate many parts of your wedding including your invitations, napkins, etc.

Think about function as well as form.  The picture on below features a giant cut out of a couple's monograms where the guests were able to sign.  Later, this cutout was hung in their home as a unique wall decoration.

While this monogram won't last forever, the contrasting colors of the cupcakes really make a statement as your guests enter the reception area.


A relatively inexpensive add on to any alteration, getting your initials embroidered somewhere either on a dress, veil, or other item is a great way to incorporate your monogram!  Get your groom involved with an emboidered handkerchief or stamped cufflinks.  


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Flower Power Crowns?

by Jenny Bryde 4. May 2014 09:22

I started off writing this post while thinking about crowns as in metallic and glittery, but quickly in my search to find beautiful brides who have blinged out their attire I was drawn to the number of brides who have blooming crowns complete with full flowerly blossoms.  Ranging from demure to over the top, these crowns make such a statement!  Would you?  Could you?  



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It's Almost Spring - How About Some Pink?

by Jenny Bryde 12. March 2014 01:11

We are days away from officially saying goodbye to Winter, and if Mother Nature didn't take the hint from all of our griping, herhaps she will adhere to the official calendar.  Looking foward to spring has me focusing around pretty pastels and in particular, pink.  So many shades that are complimentary to so many skin tones!  This week I'm drawn to this color, so I thought we'd take a tour of some fabulous places to find infinite choices of pink bridesmaid dresses.


First up - Nordsdrom who is featuring several key colors this season, one of which is "blush".  



Next up is one of my favorite places to shop for pretty dresses that double as great bridesmaid dresses - JCrew.  Check out their wide selection of styles and hues!




And last but not least is a great go to for wedding frocks - David's Bridal.  They have a huge array of colors and styles for your selection, so check out their pink!



So whether you're on team pink with me or prefer team green, blue, yellow, or orange, I hope the warmer weather around the corner inspires you to go dress shopping with your bridesmaids!  Happy hunting!

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