Is Big Hair Back?

by Jenny Bryde 27. October 2014 08:43

When the phrase "big hair" is uttered, I'm immediately transported back to 1985.  Ah, the good old days where your status was as big as your hair was tall.  Where any girl with her trusty bottle of hairspray could rock some voluptuous volume on her head.  Me thinks that we may be seeing a come back of the big hair, and I'm totally loving it!  I love the idea of a tramatic eye paired with larger than life locks!  What do you think of these potential hairstyles for your big day?



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The Unkempt Updo

by Jenny Bryde 4. October 2014 09:50

I love a great bridal updo, but sometimes I think we brides get ino a rut and can't decide other than the straight up bun what would make a great bridal hair style.  Check these out!  Creative and fun, totally unique.  It would take a talanted stylist to pull these off, but surely we have some capable hands in the QCA!  Check these out:



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hair | Jenny Bryde

Our Top Picks for Wedding Updos for 2014!

by Jenny Bryde 28. July 2014 03:21

When it comes to wedding hair, it's your opportunity to step outside of the box and do something daring for your look.  The possibilities are endless, and in the end your hair can make as much of a statement as your dress.  Today we are focusing on updos, but not like we've ever seen them before.  After what seemed like a dry spell of all updos looking similar, hair stylists and brides are starting to show off their creative sides with some new amazing looks.  Let's take a look!  


Being daring doesn't mean having to be wild and messy.  We love this tailored hairstyle.  Classic and chic.  This would be great for many different face shapes, hair lengths, and bridal style.


The high bun is back!  The higher the better, and the options just get started with a good basic bun.  Imagine all the hair accessories and veil styles that would compliment this lovely look.


Look close as this hair style features sculpted hair, not a pinned in flower!  It's amazing what an artistic stylist armed with some heavy duty hair spray can do.  Wow!


We love this whimsical bowtie made of hair.  Sculpted yet fun, a great option!


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Blogging about Beauty - Wedding Style

by Jenny Bryde 6. June 2013 16:48

It's our wedding day, and while our photographers can touch up bad skin or make up in post-editing, we still want to look our best on our big day!  There are lots of great articles and websites out there about beauty, but I wanted to share one in particular today that I've found to be helpful.  It's called  Get it?  Maskcara, mascara??  Anyhoo, it's written by Cara, an amazing make up artist who shares all of her secrets on her beautifully organized and styled blog.  

Seriously, I've spent way too much time on this site lately, so I feel the need to impose the site on all of you, dear readers, so that I can metaphorically pass it on.  :)  

This girl is amazing at all things beauty, and her site is well organized and fun to navigate!  Some of my favorite posts are:

Self Tanning

Victoria's Best Kept Secrets

Bridal Beauty Checklist

Check her out:


What are your favorite sources of make up and hair information??

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A Week's Worth of Bridal Hair

by Jenny Bryde 13. January 2013 15:54

Can't formal updos and perfectly curled coifs be the new trend for 2013?  I mean, would it be so crazy if I went and got my hair done every morning so that I could show up to work looking like a perfectly manicured bride to be?  Okay, it would be a little crazy, but if I WERE going to spend a week getting my hair done in a different bridal style each day, here's how my week would look:


Sunday - Wild curls and blossoms throughout...

Monday - Free flowing tresses with a beautiful floral crown

Tuesday - A faux-bump gives my updo a little sas.

Wednesday - Wild curls tamed by a lose braid and leaves.

Thursday - Big hair half swept makes goes well with my mod make up.

Friday - Cascading locks fall out of my crown made from braids.

Saturday - Pin curls and pretty trinkets finish my week's worth of hair.


What do you think?  Do any of these looks work for you?  We can have seven different looks for our wedding day, but maybe ONE of these is the right one for your big day!

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hair | Jenny Bryde

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