Winter Wedding Bouquets

by Jenny Bryde 30. November 2015 01:27

Just because your trees have gone dormant, it doesn't mean your florist has!  If you are a winter wedding bride or groom, you have many options at your disposal.  Each season brings an access to a new set of blooms, and a skilled florist will create the perfect thing for you!  Look at these great examples below:


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Fall Wedding Flowers

by Jenny Bryde 30. August 2015 16:23

Summer sunshine is already starting to fade, and evenings are starting sooner rather than later.  What does the change in tides do to the floral selection available for wedding flowers?  When I think of fall, I think of established, full, vibrant colors of harvest.  While fall bouquets can sometimes look rustic, they don't have to be.  Today I'm presenting some of the most beautiful fall bouquet trends that have been popping up recently.  


Repeating single bloom - We usually see this style featured in other seasons, but using a bold fall jewel tone makes this a winner!

Messy and sparse - This look is all about layers.  Some of your blooms can look a little rumpled.  Harvest has just happened, right?

Wild monocromatic - Is there even such a thing?  While this bouquet features all white florals, the persona is anything but tame!

Lights and darks - This bouquet runs the gamet from the lightest white flowers to the darkest green leaves.  Throw in a pop of color, and whammo!

Let your personalities shine - Give everyone a slightly different bouquet.  Matching is so overrated!

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flowers | Jenny Bryde

Succulent Succulents!

by Jenny Bryde 14. June 2015 16:57

Succulents.  Wikipedia defines them as "fat plants" or plants that are fleshy due to their ability to hold water, but succulents for most are more notable due to their striking appearance.  They are very geometrical while at the same time being very natural in appearance.  They range in color from white to plum, but what makes succulents intriguing to me is that they are very hardy plants.  They are almost cactus-like and are quite resilient.  Perfect for wedding centerpieces that need to stand up to heat or long periods without watering.  Check out this set of inspiration pictures of succulents!



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Real vs. Fake - A Flower Debate

by Jenny Bryde 27. October 2013 01:20

Recently at our Bride and Groom Garage Sale, I had a discussion with a very good friend who was shopping who spoke about how she could not believe there were so many silk flowers for sale and that she thought silk flowers were a no-no for a wedding.  She spoke about how she thought that she would rather splurge on real flowers than on other parts of the budget.  This got me thinking.  I am wondering how other people weigh in on this subject.  Real vs. fake?  Which flowers do or do not have a place in a wedding?  People, I imagine, will take a strong stance one way or another, so let's look at the pros and cons of both.

Silk Flowers:

Pros -


  • Relatively inexpensive when compared to fresh flowers.
  • They will not wilt so you can buy them in advance of the wedding.
  • You don't have to choose your flowers based on what is in season at the time of your wedding.
  • You can buy them used and sell them when you're done using them.
Cons -
  • Unless made to look very whimsical, silk flowers can often be spotted by look, touch, or smell.  
  • Good silk flowers are very good, and bad silk flowers are very, very ugly.  
  • Some silk flowers can cost just as much as fresh flowers.
Fresh Flowers:

Pros - 
  • Hiring a florist takes the artistic guesswork out of arranging a floral centerpiece.
  • Flower centerpieces make great gifts to guests at the end of the evening.
  • Fresh flowers look and smell great and add a lot to the ambiance of your wedding.
Cons - 
  • Fresh flowers are often much more expensive when compared to silk flowers.
  • When selecting the specific blooms for your flowers, you will often be restricted to what is in season at the time of your wedding. 
  • Fresh flowers are at the mercy of the elements of weather; hot or cold weather could impact the look.
And now here is a little test.  The following pictures of flowers are a mix.  Some pictures show real flowers, and some pictures show fake.  Can you tell the difference?  Get out a piece of paper and take the quiz.  There are five pictures of fresh and five pictures of silk.  The answers are at the end of this post!


#1 - Fresh or silk?


#2 - Fresh or silk?


#3 - Fresh or silk?


#4 - Fresh or silk?


#5 - Fresh or silk?


#6 - Fresh or silk?


#7 - Fresh or silk?


#8 - Fresh or silk?


#9 - Fresh or silk?


#10 - Fresh or silk?



1 - Silk

2 - Silk

3 - Fresh

4 - Silk

5 - Silk

6 - Fresh

7 - Fresh

8 - Fresh

9 - Silk

10 - Fresh


How'd you do???  Post your results on our Facebook page!


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Summer Flowers Making an Early Appearance!

by Jenny Bryde 18. May 2013 07:42
It seems like in this part of the world, we do not get much time to cuddle with Spring before warm weather takes over as Summer arrives in town.  I'd like to have a moment of silence for s
pring flowers. 
Thank you.
Now, I'm over it because summer flowers are starting to pop up on the radar.  Humidity and buzzing bees keep these flowers happy, and if a bride snags them for her summer wedding bouquet, then she is a true summer bride.  Here are a few of my favorite summer bouquets and centerpieces that I've found lately.  The words that come to mind when I see them are happy, welcoming, and warm.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you are planning a summer wedding, take note as your florist can make these arrangements come to life!
Remember to chat with your florist when picking out seasonal flowers.  They are your go to expert for what we can and can't get our hands on depending on the time of year you get married! 

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flowers | Jenny Bryde

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