Fresh New Ideas for Bouquets for Spring and Summer!

by Jenny Bryde 21. May 2011 02:05

We just moved to a new house in April.  At the time we bought the house, all the trees and landscaping were still dormant with our neverending winter, and only recently did our yard explode with the most amazing plants!  With flowers popping up all over, I am tempted to run through my backyard and pick and trim all my blooming buds off and put them in vases all over my house.  However, I refrain since that would mean I'd be left with a yard of stems and weird regrowth.  But I do go out for longer than necessary amounts of time to stare at my plants.  I wonder what my new neighbors think of me.... :)

While I'll leave the real flowers where they are, I did go through some of my favorite photos and "pick" out some of my most recent favorite finds for bouquets.  Check out these bouquets with their unique color palettes for your viewing pleasure this rainy morning!


Each of these bouquets makes me want to plan a new wedding inspired exclusively by these gorgeous color palettes found in the blooms!  Maybe I should just go buy myself a bouquet to put in a vase on my dining table to put the edge off a little from ransacking my backyard...


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