Etiquette Schmetiquette

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2013 15:48

If you are at the point of your wedding planning where you are working on the wording of your invitation, I bet you are consulting resources on proper etiquette, right?  Most of you will say yes.  

One couple whose wedding invitation RSVP card was featured on ABC newscasts decided to throw caution to the wind and wildly disregard all advice and procedures.  Here are the options they provided their guests on the RSVP card:

Yes! I will be attending because…

-Two words: Free. Booze.

-I’m in your wedding party, idiot. Wait, is this optional?

-This is my only chance to play golf at Medinah & I plan on sneaking off during the toasts to play a quick round.

-I would never dream of missing it! After all, knowing the Kerr/Sabino Family (circle one) this should be a night full of must-see fun/drama/ridiculous dancing (circle one)!

No. I won’t be attending because…

-I’m lame. On a scale of one to ten, my lameness would be in the 9.5 to 9.8 range.

-I’ll be watching the Cubs win the World Series

Edit: these options are meant to be circumstances that could actually happen.

-I will be visiting, um, Yemen. Yeah, Yemen. But it’s a secret trip. So if you ask anyone, they will have no clue what you’re talking about.

-I don’t know who you people are or how you got my address. Leave me alone! (Oh, and congrats on your upcoming nuptials.)


This couple clearly are a lot of fun, and their personalities were put on display with the witty options they gave their guests.  How cool!  Now this couple went waaaaaaaay outside of the realms of "normal".  What are you doing to put your personal touch on your wedding invitations?  Do you adhere strictly to wedding etiquette, or do you get a little crazy?  Do tell!


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Totally Worth the Paper It's Printed On - Invitation Suites!

by Jenny Bryde 3. March 2012 09:04
When I stumble upon a pretty little set of wedding stationery, it makes me want to get married all over again! Lately, I have found several that just speak to me, so I thought I'd share them with you all. For your consideration...

Remember - Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse of your envisioned day that your guests will see, so give them a treat by having your invitations speak to your theme whether it's vintage, romantic, whimsical, modern, or silly!

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Beautiful Script Fonts for Free!

by Jenny Bryde 5. December 2011 04:07

Most couples will think ahead a time about how they are going to have their invitations designed and printed, but when the wedding date looms closer, couples often realize that they need to whip together additional stationery elements such as a program, menu, table numbers, etc.  Once panic has set in, couples will head to their trusty word-processor program and look through their standard offerings of fonts.  This is why you see an overabundance of wedding stationery elements that all look the SAME.  If you are looking to create something a little more unique and you, why not check out what the web has to offer for fonts?  There are GAZILLIONS of them.  Okay, maybe not that many, but more than you'd think.  There are many sites where you can purchase fonts and others where you can even download them for free.

My all-time favorite free font website is where you will find hundreds and hundreds of fonts that are easy to download and use right in your word processor program.  The fonts on this site are all free unless you plan to use what you create to sell to someone else.  (If that's the case, you can contact the author of the font and request permission or ask them if you could give them a donation in exchange for permission to use.)

When looking at wedding stationery, by far the most common type of font would be the curly swirly elegant fonts.  For your consideration today, I've whipped together some of my favorite fancy fonts that were downloaded (again for FREE) from  Check them out, and if you fall in love with one, head over to the site to download it today!


Note - See the line that just says "tttttt"?  LOL Not sure why, but my file won't save it correctly...  The script is called "Old Script", and it is very elegant, so check it out along with all of these others and more!  Remember, these are just a few of my favorite script fonts.  There are tons and tons of fonts to fit every occasion and personality, so have fun and embrase your inner font-nerd!

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How to Create a Cohesive Look with your Stationery

by Jenny Bryde 11. September 2011 05:56

Wedding Papery does NOT have to stop at the invitation alone.  Think of all the information that you have to relay to your guests...where to go, what to do, who to ask?  It can surmount in a multitude of signage and pamphets, so you might as well make them pretty.  Consider creating a cohesive look with a design element that repeats throughout your entire wedding from save the date to thank you card. 

Here is one example of how a bride worked with her stationery designer to implement her peacock idea throughout her wedding paper...


Each piece is individually beautiful, but together, these elements work to tell the story of this couple's magical day!  Whether you go with a certain theme or color, imagine how you could tell your story!  An invitation designer worth their salt will be able to work with you to create any sort of element that you need to fit your vision!

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Packaging the Perfect Invitation - Series Wrap Up

by Jenny Bryde 3. December 2010 01:47

Last but not least in our series on invitation choices comes invitation packaging.  You've got a gorgeous invitation sitting in front of you, and you can't wait to get it out to your guests.  Your invitation suite probably has multiple pieces: the invitation card, rsvp card, maybe a reception card, accommodation card, etc, etc, etc.  How do you organize all the schtuff and get it ready to go? 

You have a few last decisions to make though before sending them out into the world.  Invitation packaging and design opens a whole new world of final finales for your wedding stationery.  Here are some ideas to inspire you to get those invitations out the door...

A fun way to organize all your wedding information is shown with this bradded invite.  A grommet, button, brad, or other gathering device can be used to pinch the corners of your cards and allow guests to thumb their way through the information.


Maybe you'd like to have your invitation layed out in the accordion style pictured below.  The cool thing about this is that there are no loose pieces for your guests to lose, and the invitation can sit up by itself on someone's mantle or shelf or what not. 


Big brother of the accordion style is the book style of invitation where your information is nicely assembled into an actual book!  These can be done as simply as a staple down the spine of your invitation fold or as detailed as this hand stitched book with imported papers such as this fancy-schmancy example below.


Maybe you'd just rather have all those loose invitation pieces bundled up in something beautiful such as fabric, a belly band, or a beautiful doily like this one.


Next comes the pochette which is cool first because it is fun to open and two because it is fun to say.  Try it with me now: Po-Chette.  :)


Big brother to the pochette is the pocket folder which can come in all kinds of shapes and can nicely hold all your information. 


Now let's think outside of the box.  Your invitation doesn't even have to be on paper.  In this case, we have an invitation screen printed on fabric and assembled into a scroll! 


And last but not least, let's think back inside that box.  Literally.  How much fun is it to receive a package in the mail?  Answer - lots.  So you know your guest would be delighted to receive your invitation nestled in a lovely box coordinated to your color palette.


These are just a few of the different ways that you can package up your very special wedding invitation which will delight your very special wedding guests.

This installment wraps up our invitation design post series.  We hope that you have been inspired to get your noggin' spinning on what you'd like to have for your own invites!  Remember that your invitation designer and your own creativity can work together to create exactly what you want!



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