New Ideas for Wedding Shower Themes and Registries

by Jenny Bryde 25. November 2012 01:48

So you'd prefer a leaf-blower to a stand mixer?  A sexy pair of undies rather than linen napkins?  A massage certificate rather than an espresso machine?  So be it!  Each engaged couple has different needs, and often, especially when a couple lives together before saying "I do", they don't need the traditional items found in a white sale.  So how do you as an engaged couple communicate that to your guests who will resort to their tried and true gift ideas if you don't steer them in the right direction?  

How about a themed shower and/or wedding registry?  Choosing a theme really helps your guests conceptualize the idea behind what you and your fiance need.  How about these ideas:

1) A room specific theme - Don't need anything in the kitchen but really need help in the living room?  Create a registry based around furniture, knick-knacks, candles, and electronics. 

2) A barn-raising shower - In the middle of a renovation project at your new abode?  Suggest that the host of your shower throw you a shower that includes items from the tools and supplies departments like paint, small tools, wall paper, etc.

3) A green thumb gathering - Maybe you'd prefer to work outdoors and could really use some landscaping materials.  Your host could request that everyone bring a plant that could be transitioned to your yard.  You could even work with a local landscaping company to help create a list of what you'd need for a yard plan.

4) A boudoir soiree - Maybe you're more interested in keeping the sparks alive in your bedroom than you are keeping a perfect household.  Your shower host could suggest that the guests bring you their idea of the perfect lingerie.  

5) A wine-celler cultivation - Ask that each guest bring a bottle of their favorite wine to stock up on your collection!  

Keep in mind that your wedding shower and your wedding registry are serving a purpose of enhansing your household in some shape or form.  Not all households have the same needs and wants, so make sure that you speak up when it comes time to plan your shower and make your registry.  Your guests will be happy to make you happy, so just figure out what you want to do!  Have fun!  

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Top Picks for Registries (In Time for Black Friday!)

by Jenny Bryde 19. November 2012 00:52

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are literally coming up this weekend!  Whether you like to go out for the crowds or stealthily stalk from the comfort of your laptop, you can find amazing deals and perfect presents.  But this post isn't really about holiday shopping; it's about pointing your loved ones in the right direction as they shop for YOU.  Sounds sinister, doesn't it?  But let's face it.  If you're married, there's a wedding registry somewhere, and people will be looking for the best deals. 

Here are the top five recommendations that I have for a general wedding registry:

1) A food processor.  Chopping, blending, pureeing - it's good to have a processor around to do the dirty work especially when the average food processor can hold much more than a blender.  The top pick for food processors is the Cuisinart Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor.   Regular price around $180 - now on sale for $100, it's a nice gift for an office to pool in together or for a MIL to buy for a future DIL.


2) A coffee maker.  Now that you'll be a two, you'll need twice as much coffee.  The Cuisinart Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is a great addition to your in home barista playland. Regular price $165 - on sale for $69! 

3) Luggage - Whether your jetting away to your honeymoon or just visiting grandma for the Thanksgiving weekend, you'll need somewhere stylish to stash your stuff.  The American Tourister 3-Piece Luggage Set is super cute (but not girly) and functional at the same time!  Normal price is $400 - on sale right now for $130!!! 

4) Table settings.  You may not desire to have a full set of wedding china, but you will need enough place settings of everyday plates that can hold up to a beating.  The Lenox Simply Fine Chirp 4-Piece Place Setting is one of my favorite place settings, and it's on sale!  It's normally $143 a place setting, but you can find it right now for $72! 

5) Cookware set - Doing research on cookware sets reveals that you need a durable set to hold up to the beating that it will take while being used in your kitchen.  The Cooks Standard Multi-Play Clad Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set is sharp looking and tough.  It can go into the oven and into your dishwasher.  Normally this set will cost you $600, it's on sale right now for $155!  Tell someone to snag it quickly! 

Those are my recommendations, and I'm sticking to them!  These are awesome items for any registry, and they are at a deep discount right now!  Give a helpful hint to your family that they could be (cough cough) shopping for your wedding (cough cough) while they shop for the holidays! 



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Taking Stock to Build Your Registry

by Jenny Bryde 24. December 2010 09:21

You're engaged, so get ready because you'll probably be asked a tirade of questions including, "Where are you registered?"  People love being part of getting a new couple off on their feet, so browsing and buying things from a registry is one of the fun parts of being your wedding guest! 

That being stated, know this:  Not all registries are created equal.  There's the traditional registry for household items, but you don't have to start or stop there.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

If you are a traditional registry couple and just need things to put your first household together, consider looking through Martha Stewart's wedding registry check list.  Here you will find everything from slotted spoons to placemats.  Keep in mind that just because Martha says that an item is necessary doesn't mean you have to get each and every thing.  You may never have a need for a wok, for example. 

What if you two have just moved or are thinking of purchasing a fixer upper house together?  Many new couples are on a budget when looking for their first place, and homes that need a little TLC can be easy on the budget.  If this is your predicament, there's no reason why you couldn't register for paintbrushes and lumber! 

Are you the couple who has everything?  Maybe you want to register for people to pay for pieces of your honeymoon trip!  There are websites out there that will allow your guests to look through lists of activities at your honeymoon location that they could purchase for you: horseback riding lessons, massages, scuba excursions, etc. 

Or maybe you're the couple who needs everything or could use an extra hand in paying for the wedding bills.  Many banks now offer cash registries which help you to communicate politely to your guests that what you'd really like most in the world is cold hard cash.  Let's face it - many couples are in this predicament.

So talk to your sweetheart and figure out what kind of registry is best for you! 



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Ten Tips for a Successful Wedding Registry

by Jenny Bryde 28. December 2009 15:06

Since we apparently couldn't get enough of gift giving and receiving during the Christmas season, my fiance and I thought it would be fun to register for wedding gifts this week.  What started out a simple idea has evolved into a full blown tornado of what if's...  Here are some tips that we would give to any couple getting ready to register...

First tip:  Do not try to go out to any store and get a grasp on what merchandise is available since all stores right now are trashed and picked over.  Best to wait until a week that does not encompass Christmas.  Most stores have their complete inventory available to look at online, and this will give you a better idea of what is available to purchase or order.  

Second tip:  Find out what you really need.  We wanted to make sure that we made a registry that had items that could help us "round out" our household trousseau.  We searched the internet and found a generic list of things to add to a wedding registry.  In the end we edited out a lot of the list and added a few items of our own.  

Third tip:  Hit the websites before you hit the stores.  We thought when we first started that we knew for sure which stores we would use for our registry and that we could simply walk into the store, register, and be done with it.  After about an hour of research on the websites of these stores, we discovered that they each only had some of what we were looking for.  We then looked at about five different stores that we wanted to "investigate".  Keep in mind that not all stores have locations across the country, and this may impact what your out of town guests can purchase.  

Fourth tip:  Make a list and check it twice.  Before asking for that ever-so-fun scan gun at a store, take a list of your registry items and a pen, and go through the store finding the items that you think you might like.  Pick the items up.  Touch them.  Talk about the quality, price, and look.  Take notes.  Leave the scan gun alone for now. 

Fifth tip:  Be flexible.  We narrowed down our stores to a final two and went to the stores to check out our items in person.  After walking around one store for about ten minutes, we realized that the quality of the items just was not what we wanted.  So we left.  This is why you don't touch the scan gun yet.  This way you don't have to have an uncomfortable apology conversation with the sales person who set up your gun and who has to delete your registry once you've changed your mind.  

Sixth tip:  Don't be afraid to add items of all price ranges to your list.  You may think that it's silly to add something small like an ice cream scoop or what not, but the small items make great shower gifts or "collection" gifts where someone might buy more than one thing.  Also don't be afraid to register for more expensive gifts as well.  There will be groups of people that all want to contribute to a gift together and are looking for one big gift to give.  

Seventh tip:  It's okay to register at more than one place.  Just because you like the bedding materials at one place doesn't mean that you can't register for your cookware at another location.   

Eighth tip:  Once you are ready to register, you can often do this online.  This makes registering much faster and easier.  Also it's easier to edit a list online rather than to figure out the buttons on the scan guns.  

Ninth tip:  Once your registry is set up, you can let people know on your wedding website or through word of mouth.  Generally speaking, it's bad etiquette to alert your guests to your registry by adding a note in your invitation.  I realize that this may be the most convenient route and that your cousin did it that way, but that's what etiquette says...I'm just the messenger.  :)

Tenth tip:  Make it your own.  Your registry is for you and your bride or groom to be.  You can register for whatever you want:  linens, cookware, tools, honeymoon activities, cash, stocks, puppies, hot dogs...whatever.  It's YOURS.  Have fun with it!

Happy shopping....  :)



Contest Alert! Le Creuset Cookware Giveaway!

by Jenny Bryde 13. October 2009 02:17


What cookware do you have on your registry?  Did you dare go for the bling?  Le Creuset?  Yummy.  Well here's an opportunity to avoid the guilt of registering for million dollar pots and pans...

Get your cute lil' behinds over to the Pioneer Woman webpage to enter today to win a set of Le Creuset cookware!


You've all got until 10pm tonight to enter by leaving a comment stating what you had for dinner last night on the Pioneer Woman blog post linked above!  Good luck!

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