Keep Your Guests Entertained!

by Jenny Bryde 10. May 2015 14:54

Your guests are there on your big day to celebrate your love, but let's be honest.  There are times of your wedding day where the guests do a lot of waiting around.  How about when couples disappear for what seems like hours after the ceremony to take pictures before the reception?  Or how about the long buffet line where tables have to wait to be called to eat?  Today's post is all about simple games and activities to have around your reception to keep your guests entertained!  


A kissing menu: make your guests "work" to get you to do a little kiss.  Conga, anyone?  

Give guests a selfie spot with polaroids and a clothes line.  How cute!

Let your guests put their two cents in for where you guys could go for a date night.  

In this example, disposable cameras and scavenger hunts were given to kids, but any age would have fun doing this activity!

Remember fortune tellers from grade school?  They're back!  Alter the info so that it's all about you two, and your guests will love reliving this old game!

Let guests debate on their answers in this fun "who said it" game.

Mad lib advice cards will have you laughing or crying for years to come!  

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Destination QCA - Reception Halls!

by Jenny Bryde 26. October 2014 11:10

If you Google "Quad Cities Reception Halls", the following are the top ten results.  I wonder if they make your top ten list for places you'd like to get hitched or to celebrate your wedding day.  How many of you, dear readers, are making use of...


The River Center - Davenport


The Rock - Coal Valley


Duck Creek Lodge - Davenport


Tanglewood Hills - Bettendorf


Abbey Station - Rock Island


Did any of our Googled top ten list give you some ideas?  Maybe you've been scouting out some other great venus.  Let us know what you think!






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Lawn Games!

by Jenny Bryde 1. March 2011 01:21

Okay, folks.  The snow is officially gone from my front yard.  That means it's Spring, right?  Hey!  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  It's March, and in my family, we defy the laws of the calendar and declare Winter to be officially dead.  With the grass peeking through, albeit dead grass from the Fall, I start thinking about all the fun outdoorsy things that come when the ground is suitable for activities - picnics, walks, and lawn games!  Ahh, lawn games...  There's nothing quite like being outside on a beautiful day and playing a game that includes young and old, skilled and novice, drunk and sober...

Check out these fun pictures of couples who incorporated a lawn game or two into their wedding reception.  I think they look like they had a great time!







Sigh...I cannot wait until my backyard is not a mucky mess so that we can get some lawn games going... Have you incorporated or are you incorporating any lawn games into your wedding reception?  We'd love to hear about it on the message board!


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Entertaining Les Enfants!

by Jenny Bryde 13. December 2009 06:04

They require attention, food, activities, space, and fun.  I am talking about the kiddies today, folks.  Inevitably, most couples will have anywhere from five to fifty children at their weddings, and these miniature guests sometimes need twice the attention so that they have fun and get their dance on rather than get cranky and get their tantrum on.  :)

Don't get me wrong I love kids, but make no mistake - we all must plan ahead for these little guys so that they stay happy and occupied on your big day.  The dance floor is their friend, and they will do the YMCA and the electric slide with the best of them, but you will probably want to think about some other activities for these guys when they get tired of the dance floor or during the dinner hour.  

photo by Liana Lehman

Keep some crafty things on the tables where kids will be sitting.  These items could include...

  • Crayons and paper
  • Pipe cleaners, stickers, or other crafty items to make masks.
  • Small handheld games that you can pick up at the dollar store.
  • Blocks/Legos
If it's in your budget and if there's room in your venue, you could also...
  • Set up a TV/hang out room for kids to calm down or take a nap.
  • Hire a face paint artist, magician, or balloon artist.
  • Set up lawn games or a kick ball field.
  • Hire a babysitter to run games.
What else?  Let's keep adding to this list...  What did you do to entertain the kids at your wedding?  What are you planning to do to entertain the kids?  Leave a comment below, and I'll add your name and idea to the list in the post!  

(Side note...I think these ideas would be fun for me too.  Can the bride sit at the kids table?)

Comment from NewBride85: "You could have a craft corner. Have various little crafts kids like to play with on a table or two at their height and so on and so forth. If you want to go all out decorate the corner specifically for them. I'm not sure how you could incorporate your wedding theme, if you wanted to. I'd do stuff like markers, crayons, all sorts of different paper, play-doh, stamps, stencils. You could designate someone to entertain the little ones as well if you wanted. I've not seen this done at any wedding and wasn't planning on doing anything like this for mine (I'm figuring the parents can take care of their little ones). If you do go forward with this, good luck!" Great ideas! Thanks!!

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Wedding Present Theft...Something to Look Out For

by Jenny Bryde 28. September 2009 01:19

I have a bittersweet tale to share today, ladies and gents.  Like most of you all upcoming brides and grooms, my fiance and I have given very brief consideration about our gift table.  I know that we'll have some sort of table with some sort of box or birdcage to collect envelopes.  Beyond that, we hadn't given anything else much thought.  

A woman that I went to junior high with got married this weekend and had her reception at a local hotel.  Her wedding day was absolutely perfect, and everything went well...except for the gift table.

A long story made short, the hotel which hosted the reception was in charge of periodically securing the gifts from the gift table in a locked area so that the bride and groom and family could come back in the morning and pick up their gifts.  At one point of the evening the bride noticed a few people at her bar that were not guests and asked them to leave.  

The next morning when they went to collect their gifts, the envelope box was gone.  After a frantic search, it turned up stuffed into a closet with of course the contents shredded and money gifts gone.  

Security tapes and witnesses are being gathered, and the bride, groom, and family have decided to keep in mind that the day was beautiful and lovely even with this situation happening. 

The bride's mother sent out an email today urging upcoming brides and grooms to be conscientious of their gift table and of security to keep out unwanted visitors.  I thought it was definitely worthwhile to pass this message on to you all.  

Find someone who can be in charge of securing envelopes maybe every half hour, especially after the first major influx of guests to your reception area.  Ask your venue about how to keep out wedding crashers.  Be proactive about this, folks.  There's no reason why a newlywed couple's beginning nest egg needs to be taken...


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