Baseball Game Proposals?

by Jenny Bryde 1. April 2014 01:08

I think Mother Nature has finally started to calm down from her winter rage and is starting to show us some promising warmer weather.  Wahoo!  What does that mean for us in the wedding industry, you ask??  Well, the opening of baseball season, of course!  Wait a minute, what?? 

Sure!  Baseball season is getting underway soon, and with it some sports oriented boyfriends and girlfriends may be getting big ideas to propose to their sweethearts on a jumbo-tron at their favorite stadium.  Before a guy or girl can do this though, they will want to consider the cost of this kind of proposal. 

Check out this awesome graphic from Swimmingly which shows how much it costs to propose at every major league ball park.  I had no idea!  I thought you just walked up and asked, and the sweet old man operating the jumbo-tron camera made sure to find your honey in the crowd.  Nope. 


This is still a fun idea especially for a sports enthusiast, so maybe it’s still worth the money!


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Jenny Bryde | Proposals

Surprise Proposal for Local Newscaster!

by Jenny Bryde 2. July 2013 02:49

Local newswoman Morgan Ottier has a proposal story for the record books!  Yesterday during the noon news report, she and Theresa O'Bryant featured a piece on a suprise engagement which was really just a cover because in the wings of the studio, Morgan's boyfriend was waiting with a ring and a question.  Her reaction was priceless, and the moment was beautiful!  I love engagement stories, and I LOVE proposals caught on tape!  Click on the picture below to see Morgan's proposal!  


Do you have a great proposal story?  Share it with us!

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Jenny Bryde | Proposals

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