Keep Your Guests Entertained!

by Jenny Bryde 10. May 2015 14:54

Your guests are there on your big day to celebrate your love, but let's be honest.  There are times of your wedding day where the guests do a lot of waiting around.  How about when couples disappear for what seems like hours after the ceremony to take pictures before the reception?  Or how about the long buffet line where tables have to wait to be called to eat?  Today's post is all about simple games and activities to have around your reception to keep your guests entertained!  


A kissing menu: make your guests "work" to get you to do a little kiss.  Conga, anyone?  

Give guests a selfie spot with polaroids and a clothes line.  How cute!

Let your guests put their two cents in for where you guys could go for a date night.  

In this example, disposable cameras and scavenger hunts were given to kids, but any age would have fun doing this activity!

Remember fortune tellers from grade school?  They're back!  Alter the info so that it's all about you two, and your guests will love reliving this old game!

Let guests debate on their answers in this fun "who said it" game.

Mad lib advice cards will have you laughing or crying for years to come!  

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Spring Photo Booth Ideas!

by Jenny Bryde 23. April 2015 06:38

Cheese!  Or cheesy?  Love 'em or hate 'em, photo booths are huge for all kinds of events and are especially fun for wedding receptions.  While we have a lot of great businesses that will create a photo booth with back drops for you, you are more than welcome to create your own.  Today on the blog I am featuring some really simple and lovely DIY photo back drops for spring.  Check them out!



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10 Rocking DIY Wedding Projects!

by Jenny Bryde 19. April 2014 08:54

Open your windows, take a deep breath of spring air, and crack your knuckles because it's time to get your DIY on!  Of all the things you'd like to do for your wedding, getting that custom look can come at a pretty penny unless you're willing to roll up your sleeves and tackle some dirty work yourself.  These 10 DIY projects are for any skill level and would totally amp up your wedding decor!  Which of these looks good to you?


DIY Bouquet found here.

DIY Button Numbers on Books found here.

DIY Rose Medallion Chair Decor found here.

DIY Sharpie Decorated Mugs and Vases found here.  

DIY Floating Heart (or other shape) Background found here.  

DIY Floral Crown found here.

DIY Paper Towel Garland found here.

DIY Popsicles found here.

DIY Fabric Ribbon Backdrop found here.

DIY Stamped Napkins found here.


My personal favorite is the ribbon backdrop.  I am in fact mounting one to go behind the headboard in my daughter's room!  Which of these DIY wedding projects appeals to you?

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Wedding Day Survival Kits

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2013 00:50

You've planned, you've plotted, and you've plundered your bank account.  Now the big day has arrived, and you find yourself desperately in need of __________!  

This scenario plays itself out at probably all weddings, so today's post is all about how to proactively plan to avoid any must have item catastrophes.  Do you have an old bag, a fishing tackle box, a caboodle???  Grab it, and we're going to fill it with some very important items that may just save your life (figuratively) on your wedding day.  Here is a great starter list from Swatchbook Weddings:



Looks like a promising list, and these are items you could quickly gather in a supermarket sweep.  Would you rather just have the kit done magically for you a la Fairy Godmother?  How about picking up one of Exclusively Weddings' Bride Survival Kits.  This company also has ready to go kits for mothers of the bride and bridesmaids!

I could also see giving a survival kit as an engagement present.  What a great way to relieve some stress from the bride's to-do list!  Have this all put together for her and in a cute little basket!


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Quick and Dirty Wedding DIY

by Jenny Bryde 2. July 2012 01:07

While I like to linger on the web for limitless hours, when I'm in the real world, I try to maximize my time and get the biggest bang for my buck.  If you've ever been in a time crunched situation, cough-cough - wedding planning, then you can relate.  I love DIY projects.  Even more love goes to DIY projects that can get done in one sitting!  Simple steps and power-tool free, these wedding DIY projects might just be right for you...

How about this tutorial which is set up to make a rouched tree skirt but could easily be modified to make a base layer of lovely rouched fabric for your centerpieces?  Just slap some candles and/or flowers on top, et voila!  Your guests have something pretty to look at while they toast you.



Source: via Jen on Pinterest



Or how about this pretty little idea for a bridal or wedding party headpiece.  All it takes is some grosgrain ribbon, spray starch, and a hot glue gun!  Wahoo!



Source: via Jen on Pinterest




This idea rocks my little world...take any kind of glass container, line it with tissue paper, pop in a battery operated tea light and presto!  Beautiful lighting!







There you have it - three totally easy, totally cheap, totally beautiful ideas to make your wedding decor shine with some craftiness on your part!  So enlist the help of a friend or family member, and get cracking!  What other DIY projects have you created for your wedding? 

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