Refreshing Ring Shots

by Jenny Bryde 13. December 2015 19:18

No need to be boring when it comes to your jewelry photography!  Everyone has seen the pretty flowers and the beautiful bokah, but check out these fun shots!  Try something new, why don'tcha?



Including the Kiddos!

by Jenny Bryde 2. November 2015 00:52

When sitting down with your photographer before your wedding, you will most likely discuss what kinds of pictures you want.  Certain groups, certain shots, certain moments, but don't forget to remind your photog that you want them to capture as much as possible.  It is my belief that the very best wedding pictures are those unplanned, and who best to provide that unplanned, unruly look but the children present on your wedding day?  here are some pictures to get you started:

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Seven Surefire Photography Poses

by Jenny Bryde 22. March 2015 16:34

Somewhere between the cliched and the copycats are a league of photography poses where people look natural.  Calm, crazy, romantic, and heartfelt, good photography poses can make a memory last a lifetime.  While the heart made with two hands was cute for a while, we are now in desperate need of some new poses.  How about these?  


I love how the people in this picture are not lined up in a uniform row but look more naturally dispersed.  

The blurred line of groomsmen is really cool!  You could also stage this after the wedding with other groups of family and friends.  

Fun and romantic!  So much better than the shoulder to shoulder poses.

Definitely staged, but charming nonetheless.

I like how the photographer is back over the hill on this one.  It almost looks like the couple is in their own little world.

Sassy and cute!  I love the feel of this pic!

Totally unique!  I love this!  I imagine the photographer said, "And ready, set, go!"

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Ring Pictures?

by Jenny Bryde 22. September 2014 00:39

At some point of your wedding, your photographer will probably ask you and your new spouse to hand over your wedding bands so that they can be photographed.  A favorite pic that can really turn out lovely has so many opportunities!  Your photographer has a chance to get creative here and will find a way to display your rings that is meaningful or amusing for your both.  Here are some great examples of ring pictures!


Nestled in amongst wedding flowers is a favorite shot.  Something about the industrial look of jewelry against a natural canvas...beautiful!

Who says the shot needs to be complicated?  I love how this photographer grabbed a pen and a scratch piece of paper to create a cute background for the ring shot.


This book could be the bible with which your minister married you or just a meaningful book or even just a random book!

Use unusal objects such as Scrabble letters!


You've spent so much time perfecting your wedding invitation, so why not use it as a background for the ring shot?


Having a beachy wedding?  Use the sand for handprints!  No beach?  How about good old mud?  Watch out for the white dress, though!


Who says the rings even need to leave your possession?  This great shot lets the bride and groom get involved.


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Wedding Party Shots - Live it Up!

by Jenny Bryde 26. August 2013 00:18

Yes, you'll want that picture where everyone is looking at the camera, shoulder to shoulder, and smiling like it's school picture day, but don't stop there!  There are tons of opportunities to get your wedding party to shake things up!  Today we are featuring some non-traditional wedding party shots that we love!  Easily recreated and totally fun, can you make these happen?


First up, forget posing.  Just get a great relaxed picture where your friends are being friendly!


Red rover, red rover, anyone?  Maybe they aren't playing the classic children's game, but this picture with linked arms defintely shows the friendship in this group!


A la Kardashians, I love this picture where some are sitting, some are standing, and all have a bit of sass up their sleeves. 


My new favorite shot!  It's hard for your photographer to get a shot of the couple kissing with friends and family in the background, so this couple recreated that moment later.  Super fun!


Take a look from a different angle.  How about a family or group shot where the couple is in the foreground, and the rest of the crew are milling around in the back.  Drinks in hand a plus!


Standing still is for the birds.  This wedding party took a stroll down a side street, and the picture looks amazing!


Nothing more beautiful than the bride and her gals just being effortlessly beautiful.  All smiles, nothing forced.  I love it!


Another great pic of linked arms and lots of smiles!  No need to be straight faced here!


Again, chat with your photographer for ideas you might have for your group shots.  There are lots of great ideas floating out there that let your wedding party showcase their personalities and frienships!

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