Is Big Hair Back?

by Jenny Bryde 27. October 2014 08:43

When the phrase "big hair" is uttered, I'm immediately transported back to 1985.  Ah, the good old days where your status was as big as your hair was tall.  Where any girl with her trusty bottle of hairspray could rock some voluptuous volume on her head.  Me thinks that we may be seeing a come back of the big hair, and I'm totally loving it!  I love the idea of a tramatic eye paired with larger than life locks!  What do you think of these potential hairstyles for your big day?



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Jamberry Rainbow!

by Jenny Bryde 27. October 2014 08:24

I'm not necessarily into shooting endorsements at corporations, but I just can't help but notice all the decorative nails that are so hot right now!  I love all the variations, and so I thought today I'd feature Jamberries for every color in the rainbow.  Would you consider a dramatically decorated hand either for yourself or your wedding party members?  There is a design for everyone!  How fun!  Let's go through the Roy G. Biv together, shall we?























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Destination QCA - Reception Halls!

by Jenny Bryde 26. October 2014 11:10

If you Google "Quad Cities Reception Halls", the following are the top ten results.  I wonder if they make your top ten list for places you'd like to get hitched or to celebrate your wedding day.  How many of you, dear readers, are making use of...


The River Center - Davenport


The Rock - Coal Valley


Duck Creek Lodge - Davenport


Tanglewood Hills - Bettendorf


Abbey Station - Rock Island


Did any of our Googled top ten list give you some ideas?  Maybe you've been scouting out some other great venus.  Let us know what you think!






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New Wedding DIY Projects!

by Jenny Bryde 20. October 2014 10:43

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be a reflection of their personality and style.  Often this kind of stamp is not available in a brick and mortar store, but that doesn't mean we give up.  Today I'm featuring some easy to do DIY projects that any bride or groom can tackle while saving some money and putting some personality in their big day.  All of these could be incorporated into any wedding by switching up some materials and colors.  Check them out!

1.  Lace/doilie balls/light covers by - Blow up balloons, use a spray adhesive or glue to attach doilies or pieces of lace, wait for glue to dry, and pop the balloons!


2. Rope Words by - Use glue to saturate pieces of twine or rope.  Form letters and let dry.  Voila!


3.  Guilded Leaf Place Cards by - Collect leaves, paint with desired color, use white out pen to write names.  


4. Gold Glitter Vase from seller Southern Gold Shop - Spray a spray adhesive to the enside of a glass jar.  Sprinkle glitter and roll around jar until coated on the inside.  


DIY | Jenny Bryde

Autumn Wedding Invitation Sets!

by Jenny Bryde 20. October 2014 08:22

I cannot get over how amazing the colors of the fall folliage are this year!  Was it the extreme cold snap that we all suffered through last winter?  Maybe Mother Nature has decided to give us a little treat.  Not only are we seeing the colors out in nature, there are also a lot beautiful fall colors popping up in this season's wedding invitation sets.  Check out these picks from vendors!


From Artful Beginnings


From Flair Necessities


From Simply Put Printables


From Heartwood Papery


From Simply Noted Evanston


Another from Simply Noted Evanston


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