Men's Ties in Every Color!

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2015 01:50

Once you've selected your wedding colors, you go out into the world to start selecting all the elements that will make up your wedding.  One item often overlooked until the end is the men's tie.  Don't feel like you need to stick with something simple or boring when it comes to this accessory.  There are plenty of ways to jazz a tie up.  Take a look at my picks in every color!


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Accessory Spotlight: Bridal Bracelets

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2015 01:40

Your dress, veil, rings, and shoes are major stakeholders in your wedding ensemble, but don't stop there.  Statement bracelets are a big thing now, and it appears that the bigger the better!  If you want to stick with something delicate and reserved, that's fine, but many brides are turning to a bold look for their wrists.  Here are some of my favorites that I've found:



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A Fairy Tale Wedding Inspiration Board

by Jenny Bryde 14. June 2015 17:06

Once upon a time, two people met who fell deeply in love.  What does a fairy-tale romance look like?  What does the wedding look like?  We've all heard the stories, now it's time to use our imaginations.  This is what I envision when I hear "fairy-tale wedding".  My vision is very organic, romantic, and earthy.  What does your fairy-tale wedding look like?


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Inspiration Boards | Jenny Bryde

Succulent Succulents!

by Jenny Bryde 14. June 2015 16:57

Succulents.  Wikipedia defines them as "fat plants" or plants that are fleshy due to their ability to hold water, but succulents for most are more notable due to their striking appearance.  They are very geometrical while at the same time being very natural in appearance.  They range in color from white to plum, but what makes succulents intriguing to me is that they are very hardy plants.  They are almost cactus-like and are quite resilient.  Perfect for wedding centerpieces that need to stand up to heat or long periods without watering.  Check out this set of inspiration pictures of succulents!



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Engagement Ring Trends 2015

by Jenny Bryde 7. June 2015 16:50

What in the world is going on on our left ring fingers?  The classic solitaire reigns as the go-to favorite of the ring shoppers of the world, but in 2015, ring selection has become a little more varied and a lot more fun!  Check out some of these fun ring trends of 2015.  

How about these wildly fun bands?  Nothing boring here.  Stackable or individually worn, they are all very stylish.

Who says you have to party solo?  In this setting, a larger diamond is surrounded by other smaller stones.

A stone for every color.  Don't be afraid to experiment with colors outside of the norms!

Diamonds that go all the way around!  Love it!

I saved my favorite ring find for last but not least.  This beautiful yellow stone-studded ring is such a lovely spin on an old favorite design.  Beautiful! 

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