Hashtag Your Event!

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2015 00:58

Looking around your wedding, you can quickly become overwhelmed if you try to take it all in: all the conversations, laughs, tears, hugs, and smiles.  If you have a tech savy crowd and would like to create a "back channel" for your event, consider coming up with your own hashtag.  Think about all the fun you'll have later reading messages and viewing pictures that your friends and families have posted with your very own hashtag.  You can try to make up your own, or you can hop over to Wedding Wire's really fun hashtag generator.  Click here to go directly there.  On the tool, they will have you enter some simple information, and then pow!  You can scroll through all the hashtags they come up with to find the right one for you!  Remember that you want your hashtag to be short enough and memorable so that people can quickly use it and still have room for their message.  You can include your hashtag in your invitations, programs, or signage at your wedding.  How fun!!


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Honoring a Loved One at a Wedding

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2015 00:48

On your wedding day you will have all of your friends and family members present, but you may have close family and friends who have passed who you would like to honor at your wedding.  Depending on how close the person and how recently the passing was could impact how you feel.  Today we feature a number of ways to honor someone at a wedding.  Some are very obvious and others more subtle.


Reserve a chair or someone with a picture or a bouquet of flowers.

Dedicate a table to display pictures and momentos.

Design your wedding favors to match an interest of your loved one. 

Wear something that reminds you of the person.

Another example of dedicating a table/favor for someone.

Honor your loved one in your wedding program.

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First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Jenny Bryde 19. July 2015 14:39

Did you know that each anniversary has a certain material associated with it, and your gift to your spouse is supposed to incorporate the material some how?  Some years are skipped, but the major milestones are covered all the way up to 50 years being the year to give gold.  Check out this chart below to see all the traditional gifts.

First things first.  Let's get past the first year.  The gift for your first anniversary is supposed to incorporate paper.  Here are some great ideas to get you inspired:



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Wedding Tats!

by Jenny Bryde 19. July 2015 14:19

You say the vows, sign the papers, and don the rings.  Are you and your significant other willing to take on something a little more permanent?  As in ink?  Check out these couples who have gone under the gun for each other.  



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Wedding Meme Fun!

by Jenny Bryde 12. July 2015 16:41

We do a lot of plotting, planning, pursuing, and paying for the perfect wedding.  So let's just stop.  Stop it all.  Just for a minute, okay?  Let's have a moment to give a nod wedding memes.  It's good to be able to laugh at our ridiculous nature that tends to come out when we are planning a wedding.  What is that?  Every bride gets it to some degree whether they'll admit it or not.  And grooms too!  So just take a few minutes, forget your to-do list, and give me an LOL for my favorite wedding memes!



And then there's this little cherub from William and Kate's wedding.  She needs a caption.  Meme contest, anyone?  Ready....go!


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