November Wedding Ideas

by Jenny Bryde 16. November 2015 00:59

Planning a November wedding?  Looking for inspiration?  What if you could merge your Thanksgiving feelings into your big day?  What a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests!  Check out some of my favorite November wedding inspiration pics below!


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Wedding Faux Pas Committed By All

by Jenny Bryde 16. November 2015 00:29

Blunders, bloopers, bone-headed moves.  They happen at nearly every wedding.  Some are accidental and add to the great stories that will be told for years to come, while others are preventable and stem down to just poor taste.  We all wish we could have guests and wedding parties read these lists of dos and don'ts before your big day arrives, but let's face it.  Brides and grooms commit these faux pas as well!  We have linked a few really great articles on wedding faux pas below for your info.  


Wedding Etiquette 101; Wedding Guest Faux Pas

28 Incredible Stories of Wedding Faux Pas

Top 10 Wedding Faux Pas by the Bride and Groom


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Giving a Timeless Gift - Men's Watches

by Jenny Bryde 8. November 2015 16:54

Looking for a great gift idea for your groom?  Groomsmen, Father? Or mother, bride, or sister, for that matter?  Today we are featuring the watch as an excellent gift to give at a wedding.  It's timeless.  Get it?  But seriously, you cannot go wrong in buying a beautiful timepiece for someone you want to spend the rest of your time with, right?  There are many brands and recommendations, and the lovely part of our world is that you can read reviews from a $10 stop watch to a $40,000 Patek Philippe Calatrava.  Look at how great these watches are, and then stop by the  


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DIY Floral Crowns for Brides, Wedding Party, and Guests

by Jenny Bryde 8. November 2015 15:41

There are so many great ways to personalize wedding attire, and a floral crown is my favorite of them all!  There are so many ways to rock a floral crown, and they are incredibly easy to make.  I made them for my flower girls who looked absolutely adorable in them!  I used the same method that I am posting below, and as a not so crafty crafter, I can tell you that I found this to be an easy project AND one that you can't mess up, especially if you're going for that messy Bohemian look.  

Without further ado, floral crowns and how to make them...


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Attire | Jenny Bryde

Including the Kiddos!

by Jenny Bryde 2. November 2015 00:52

When sitting down with your photographer before your wedding, you will most likely discuss what kinds of pictures you want.  Certain groups, certain shots, certain moments, but don't forget to remind your photog that you want them to capture as much as possible.  It is my belief that the very best wedding pictures are those unplanned, and who best to provide that unplanned, unruly look but the children present on your wedding day?  here are some pictures to get you started:

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Children | Jenny Bryde | Photography

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