Keep Your Guests Entertained!

by Jenny Bryde 10. May 2015 14:54

Your guests are there on your big day to celebrate your love, but let's be honest.  There are times of your wedding day where the guests do a lot of waiting around.  How about when couples disappear for what seems like hours after the ceremony to take pictures before the reception?  Or how about the long buffet line where tables have to wait to be called to eat?  Today's post is all about simple games and activities to have around your reception to keep your guests entertained!  


A kissing menu: make your guests "work" to get you to do a little kiss.  Conga, anyone?  

Give guests a selfie spot with polaroids and a clothes line.  How cute!

Let your guests put their two cents in for where you guys could go for a date night.  

In this example, disposable cameras and scavenger hunts were given to kids, but any age would have fun doing this activity!

Remember fortune tellers from grade school?  They're back!  Alter the info so that it's all about you two, and your guests will love reliving this old game!

Let guests debate on their answers in this fun "who said it" game.

Mad lib advice cards will have you laughing or crying for years to come!  

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A Stampede of Stamping Projects!

by Jenny Bryde 9. May 2015 15:26

Today's post is all about an activity that has been around for all the ages and used in a million different ways with a million different material types - stamping!  It's a really lovely way to put a personalized...well...stamp on your wedding invites and decor.  Let's take a closer look at some really fun DIY stamping projects for weddings.  


White opaque ink stamped on a dark-hued base color.  

Layering multiple stamps to create a custom save the date card!

Ordering a custom stamp so that you can DIY your wedding invites:

Stamped metal tags for boutonnieres and bouquets:

Metalic stamp on metallic paper for a gritty urban look:

Hand carved stamping with different colored inks:

Custom address stamp for return addresses:

Hire a calligrapher to create a custom look and then have a stamp company make you a keep sake stamp!

Stamped letters on wooden hangers.  Cute!

Raid your fridge and use potatoes or celery stalks as stamps!

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Ikea Tolsby Frame - The Versatility is Endless!

by Jenny Bryde 23. April 2015 07:39

I love Ikea and their vast selection of quality and affordable picture frames.  In particular, the Tolsby frame is a versatile choice for wedding decor from table numbers to signage and even as they were intended as picture frames.  I love it when they are left white, and I love it even more when they are doctored up with a custom paint job or with items glued on.  Check out some great examles below!  


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Spring Photo Booth Ideas!

by Jenny Bryde 23. April 2015 06:38

Cheese!  Or cheesy?  Love 'em or hate 'em, photo booths are huge for all kinds of events and are especially fun for wedding receptions.  While we have a lot of great businesses that will create a photo booth with back drops for you, you are more than welcome to create your own.  Today on the blog I am featuring some really simple and lovely DIY photo back drops for spring.  Check them out!



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New Wedding DIY Projects!

by Jenny Bryde 20. October 2014 10:43

Every bride and groom wants their wedding to be a reflection of their personality and style.  Often this kind of stamp is not available in a brick and mortar store, but that doesn't mean we give up.  Today I'm featuring some easy to do DIY projects that any bride or groom can tackle while saving some money and putting some personality in their big day.  All of these could be incorporated into any wedding by switching up some materials and colors.  Check them out!

1.  Lace/doilie balls/light covers by - Blow up balloons, use a spray adhesive or glue to attach doilies or pieces of lace, wait for glue to dry, and pop the balloons!


2. Rope Words by - Use glue to saturate pieces of twine or rope.  Form letters and let dry.  Voila!


3.  Guilded Leaf Place Cards by - Collect leaves, paint with desired color, use white out pen to write names.  


4. Gold Glitter Vase from seller Southern Gold Shop - Spray a spray adhesive to the enside of a glass jar.  Sprinkle glitter and roll around jar until coated on the inside.  


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