Fall Wedding Colors: Gold!

by Jenny Bryde 7. September 2015 02:52

Next up on our Fall color line up is Gold!  I tried to find the right shades to really represent the seasonal colors.  It's not pure Gold, but rather a mix of yellow and orange.  Beautiful!  Are these the shades for you?  Next up, Red!

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Fall Wedding Colors: Purple

by Jenny Bryde 7. September 2015 02:40

I sat in the grass last night doing a little starwatching with my family when a leaf fell on my face.  In the dark, the leaf looked black, but when I bought it into the light, it was the most rich, bold, gorgeous shade of purple.  Fall is coming, my friends, and the color preview in this leaf got me thinking about the wonderful fall shades that come out to play this time of year.  Check out these pictures of purple fall weddings.  What fall shade speaks to you?  Next up?  Gold!


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Anything Can Happen!

by Jenny Bryde 17. May 2015 15:57

I was discussing weddings with someone recently who was lamenting that she really loves yellow and ombre but that who has a yellow ombre wedding?  I told her that as far as wedding colors, everything goes, and it's totally up to the couple what they want to see happen.  I promised her some inspiration pics of cakes in particular, so for your consideration, I give you yellow ombre cakes!

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Rose Gold Wedding Palette

by Jenny Bryde 26. April 2015 15:31

Lately, I've fallen a little in love with rose gold jewelry.  For a long time, I chucked it up to gaudy costume jewelry that would come out in the K's Merchandise ad (R.I.P., K's Merchandise).  But lately there have been so many lovelies that have come out and not only in jewelry usage but in decor, attire, and overall style of a wedding.  A rose-gold palette is one of warmth and loveliness.  It's a complimentary combo for any skin tone and any style.  While it lends itself very nicely to an old world romance, it could just as easily be a modern affair.  Here are some of my latest finds of rose gold yumminess.  For your consideration.


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Pretty, Pretty Pastels!

by Jenny Bryde 30. March 2015 00:44

Winter is so last year, and I'm sure you'll all join me in a collective "Yippee!!"  Gone are the piles of grey/brown snow, and soon the beautiful colors of spring will be making their debut.  With a reprieve of cold temperatures this last week we haven't seen the flowers pop through the earth just yet, but soon, my lovelies, soon!  In the meantime, I'm going to prepare for the festivities of florals that will be arriving shortly by daydreaming about a beautiful spring palette.  A rainbow of pastels (Easter anyone?) is my inspiration, and here are my picks from this color scheme.  What do you think?  Happy Spring!!











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