Blue Suede (Wedding) Shoes!

by Jenny Bryde 3. January 2016 15:39

Something about the new year makes brides and grooms want to get their dancing shoes on, and if you have to pick out cute shoes, might they also be blue?  You'd have your something blue and cute shoots to boot!  Here are some of my favorite blue shoe looks:


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Bright Color Palettes for a Dark Morning

by Jenny Bryde 28. December 2015 02:43

If you look outside right now, you'll see drab, drab, and more drab unless you take a closer glance.  There are some really beautiful color palettes out there that have been inspired by winter's beauty.  Here are some to get you feeling inspired!


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Fun Fall Colors!

by Jenny Bryde 2. November 2015 00:39

We might be nearing winter, but that doesn't mean we need to say good bye to colors just yet!  This time of year, in fact, is arguably the most vibrant of them all with the harvest colors becoming the norm.  What do you think about these color palettes for a fall wedding?




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Pantone Fall Color Palettes

by Jenny Bryde 5. October 2015 01:31

Every year, the Pantone color company comes out with colors of the year.  They even pick wedding colors for various seasons.  This year, they have selected a romantic collection of hues that can be blended and mixed to make a fabulous wedding color palette.  Check them out below, and then see how various inspiration boards have taken one or more of the hues to be inspired!


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Red, Red Wedding

by Jenny Bryde 13. September 2015 16:48

In a week it will officially be Fall, and there's nothing holding back the colors from peeking through the trees.  Bold red days are coming, my friends, and Fall weddings will be ablaze with rich crimson hues.  Check out this red fall inspiration collage I created from favorite pictures I came pie, anyone?

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Colors | Inspiration Boards | Jenny Bryde

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