Matchy Matchy Kids and Couples

by Jenny Bryde 13. December 2015 19:12

Sometimes a little matchy matchy goes a long way, but in the case of matching flower girls and ring bearers, we can look the other way.  Or rather we just can't stop staring at the cuteness!  Check out these matching mini brides and grooms.

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Including the Kiddos!

by Jenny Bryde 2. November 2015 00:52

When sitting down with your photographer before your wedding, you will most likely discuss what kinds of pictures you want.  Certain groups, certain shots, certain moments, but don't forget to remind your photog that you want them to capture as much as possible.  It is my belief that the very best wedding pictures are those unplanned, and who best to provide that unplanned, unruly look but the children present on your wedding day?  here are some pictures to get you started:

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Little Men - Dress Attire for Toddlers

by Jenny Bryde 25. May 2015 02:13

Around these parts, we see adorable flower girls all the time, so today I decided to feature the men.  Little men.  As a mommy of a growing baby boy, I am drawn lately to adorable outfits for little boys.  Here are a few of my favorites for mini-ring bearers!


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Attire | Children | Jenny Bryde

Great Ideas for Kids Activities at Your Wedding!

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2014 02:40

If you are having kiddos at your wedding, and most likely you are, you'll need to think ahead because their dear little attention spans will not last much longer than to the end of your ceremony before they are looking for something to do.  Being proactive and having activities available for kids to enjoy will make the kids happy, their parents happy, and you happy!  You could have a designated table with activities to grab, activities planted at each table at the reception, or a special bag made up for each kid.  

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas for kids activities.  (And by the way, the adults will partake too!)

A bean bag toss game will get kids (and adults) playing together.  


Disposable cameras with an I Spy list.  Bonus, you could get some really cool shots out of this if you take the time to get them developed.  


You cannot go wrong with some crayons and a pad of paper or coloring book.  


Hoola hoops!  Get the kids to get their wiggles out!


Another great way to get some energy out is for kids to have some jump ropes handy to get the jumps out!


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Children | Jenny Bryde

Fun Flower Girl Dresses!

by Jenny Bryde 5. June 2011 07:27

Let's face it, we brides can be a tad narcisistic.  We tend to want all the attention directed towards us and all the details we put into our special day...  But I don't think there's a bride out there who wouldn't give up a bit of the lime light for an adorable flower girl sporting a fancy little dress and a killer smile?  While not everyone ends up having a flower girl or two, for those of us who do, here are some pictures to hopefully inspire the hunt for the little girls in your life!








I have to say my favorite is the little girl in the cowboy boots...probably because that's what I would have chosen for myself at that age.  :)  Also, I wish it was age appropriate to wear ruffled  tutus and flower crowns...

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