A Reminder and A Warning...

by Jenny Bryde 2. September 2009 03:35

G'morning, folks!  Before I jump in with both feet into this post, I wanted to bring something up for you to think about and comment...

There has been some discussion on the forum about how some people use the forum, some people read the blog, and some people weren't sure what they needed to use in order to participate in the QCWeddings.com community.  

My answer to any confusion would be.....(drum roll, please)....Both!  

QCWeddings.com is an evolving company and saw the need to incorporate social networking into its online environment.

The site has been around for about 10 or so years.  When I first started looking for wedding information, I found it to be an extremely useful source of information.  

The discussion forum came next, and if you've used it, you can see that any registered user can post a topic, question, suggestion, review, etc, and others can comment and help out.  Vendors and clients interact, and there is also a space for people to buy or sell wedding related items.  

The blog came this year, and we have tried to keep it quite active over the last few months.  Our goal for the blog was to provide frequently updated information for everyone who reads it on current local wedding information.  We want to incorporate more vendor interviews and also do some profiles on some QC area brides and grooms to learn about their wedding processes.  We want to put some questions or wedding trends out there for you all to ponder and give input.  

Both the forum and the blog can be used as a place to comment or ask questions.  One doesn't cancel the other out.  

I think that I can safely speak for QCWeddings.com in saying that the purpose of our site, forum, and blog is to provide you with the best wedding information and online opportunities available in our area.  The decisions for the online community are made in order for it to be a more useful experience for our brides and grooms and families.  

In saying that, I should also note here that on the forum or on the blog you can always give us feedback, leave questions, and make suggestions.  You know best what you want, so don't be shy, and speak up!  :)


Now to my warning of the day....RSVP.  

Répondez s'il vous plaît.  Respond, if you please.  Please, respond.  Hey, you!  Answer, @#$^^!

Ettiquette tells us that invitations go out somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks before an event so that our guests have enough time to think and respond before our catering head counts are due.  (Depending on your situation, you certainly may need to adjust this schedule.)  But all of us probably expect that the responses should come rolling in as soon as our fingers let go of the envelopes so that they can slide into the mailbox.  In a world of instant gratification, we still hold near and dear to our hearts the thought of sending and receiving actual mail but become confused/irate/purplexed when we do not receive responses from all immediately.  If you are naive like I am, you'll expect a 100% response rate.  We need to be prepared to have our percent botched down a few percentage points...

How are all of you doing as far as receiving responses from your invited guests?  Whether you are waiting to hear back about your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, etc, are the people you are inviting being good about returning those cards, emails, or phone calls?  How close can you get to your actual date before you start to stalk your guests in order to solicit a response?  Have you handled this matter delicately, or have you become a full on Bridezilla or Groomzilla?  

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Welcome to the Blog!

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2009 01:41

Hello, and welcome to the QCWeddings Blog!  My name is Jen, and I am a brand new member of the QCWeddings.com family!  

Here is a little bit about me...I am a Quad Cities bride to be, and I am engaged to the fantastic and supportive love of my life, Aaron.  We were engaged in August of 2008 and will be married in September of 2010.  We both grew up in the QCA, and most of our family and friends also live here.  We love the incredible amount of opportunities that the QCA provides while still giving us the feeling that we are in a network of families!  We are smack dab in the middle of our wedding planning process, so that means some things have been decided upon and other ideas are still rolling around in our heads.  There are so many great choices to consider when you are planning a wedding!  

That leads me to explain what I am doing here.  I'm joining the QCWeddings.com family because not only do I love to plan for our wedding, but I also love to do research on all wedding trends, inspiration, and local vendors who will inevitably help us all to have the most fantastic wedding day possible.  I had been researching and planning ever since we were engaged and loved it so much that I eventually created my own blog about my wedding experiences and other related news about weddings and the QCA.  When I saw that QCWeddings.com was adding a blog to their fantastic site, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the action.  

The great thing about a blog is that it is a dynamic space.  It can change and be updated as quickly as our ideas flow.  It can hold the voices of many people rather than the viewpoints of a few.  It can hold as much information as we can pack into it, and the information can be organized so that it is user friendly in depth and breadth as we find answers and inspiration.  

The QCWeddings.com blog can serve our area so well in that it is going to be a place where brides, grooms, families, friends, guests, and vendors can come to interact and find credible and comprehensive information about wedding planning.  As an extention of QCWeddings.com, this will be a positive place where all are welcome, questions are invited, information is exchanged, and members and vendors become friends and family.  

I have so many ideas for items of interest that will be featured in the future, but this blog is not just about what I want to see.  We are inviting all QCWeddings.com members to have a home here on the blog.  Are you a couple that would like to feature items from your wedding planning processes?  Have you created unique or practical do-it-yourself projects?  Are you working to stay inside a certain budget?  Are you a newlywed couple that would like to share your vendor experiences and details from your wedding day?  This is where you do it.  Frequently, we will be featuring real brides and grooms and others involved in wedding planning in the QCA on this blog.  Your wedding details could be featured!  In doing so, we know that your story will inspire others who are planning a wedding!  If this is something that interests you, or if you have any ideas of what you would like to see on upcoming posts, please shoot me an email at jenny@qcweddings.com!


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Hi!  Welcome to the QCWeddings.com blog!  My name is Jenny, and I am a Quad Cities bride to be.  Our goal for this blog is to share information on all things wedding including local vendors, new trends, and amazing inspiration.  Let us know if there is something you'd like to see on here!  

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