Baby Got Bustle!

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2015 00:36


Who knew that throughout time there's been an affinity for large derrieres?  The love of a large booty spans back centuries in the form of the bustle which is often a part of today's wedding dresses.  

You have a beautiful dress that trails delicately down the aisle as you prepare to say your vows, but when you want to get your dance on at the reception, something needs to be done with that monster.  

Through a complex series of ties, buttons, hooks, and loops (and a willing participant to be your bustle buddy), you'll be able to pin up the back of your dress so that it doesn't get trashed.  Below are a few great resources for bustle how to's.  I suggest that those who have a bustle print off or book mark a set of directions and have them handy in their wedding tool kits ready to go for when it's time to get the party started!

Click here for some great how to articles.

Click here for some great how to videos.

If you're confused on which type of bustle you have, ask your bridal salon or seamstress.  They can give you a push in the right direction!






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Men's Ties in Every Color!

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2015 01:50

Once you've selected your wedding colors, you go out into the world to start selecting all the elements that will make up your wedding.  One item often overlooked until the end is the men's tie.  Don't feel like you need to stick with something simple or boring when it comes to this accessory.  There are plenty of ways to jazz a tie up.  Take a look at my picks in every color!


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Accessory Spotlight: Bridal Bracelets

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2015 01:40

Your dress, veil, rings, and shoes are major stakeholders in your wedding ensemble, but don't stop there.  Statement bracelets are a big thing now, and it appears that the bigger the better!  If you want to stick with something delicate and reserved, that's fine, but many brides are turning to a bold look for their wrists.  Here are some of my favorites that I've found:



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Little Men - Dress Attire for Toddlers

by Jenny Bryde 25. May 2015 02:13

Around these parts, we see adorable flower girls all the time, so today I decided to feature the men.  Little men.  As a mommy of a growing baby boy, I am drawn lately to adorable outfits for little boys.  Here are a few of my favorites for mini-ring bearers!


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Veils to Vie For

by Jenny Bryde 14. March 2015 16:33

Accessories make the outfit, and for a bride, the veil is the ultimate accessory.  Almost excluslively acceptable for a bride, a veil has traditionally been part of a women's wedding ensemble for centuries.  I wanted to hunt around and find some really beatiful and varied veils for sale to show you the vast variety you have while selecting the perfect accessory!  


Bubble Veil - $149


Lace Edge Veil - $80

Eye Lash Cathedral Length Veil



Birdcage Veil Headband



Two Tier Satin Edge Veil


Elbow Length Veil with Crystals


French Birdcage Veil



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