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by Jenny Bryde 2. February 2014 00:35

A ceremony or reception location is one of the trickiest parts of your wedding to choose and book.  There are so many great choices in the Quad Cities area, and depending on your taste and style, there's one just for you.  But even beyond simply booking the location, you may have to jazz it up and make it your own through your decor.  Do you have large wall spaces in your locations?  Did the location have preset decorations that you don't care for?  Work with the site manager and ask what you can do.  While they probably wouldn't let you do anything to drastic, they will have feedback for you as to what decor changes can be made.  Even if they are dead set against no nails, what about removable hooks?  And that brings us to today's focus - DIY wreaths.  

Wreaths are a fantastic way to make a space your own.  Whether it's the doors, the walls, or the alter, a circle is a great symbol for a wedding, and there are a kabillion different ways you can decorate or create a wreath to fit in with your wedding decor.  Premade wreaths are everywhere, so if you're not feeling crafty, you can certainly spend the money to just outright buy a wreath.  But if you'd rather save some money and make something totally unique, we have some info for you!  Check out these great DIY Wreath ideas!

First up is this moss wreath.  This wreath is made from plumbers tubing, moss from the dollar store, and other accessories.  The result is a classy and simple wreath.  Find the tutorial here.



Next up is this lovely repeating pattern scalloped wreath.  This particular wreath was made with alternating felt and burlap, but you could choose whatever materials you'd like.  Find the tutorial here.



This next set of wreaths took ready made boxwood wreaths which can be found at any craft store and added some embellishments of ribbon.  Imagine ribbon in your own wedding colors wrapping around the wreath frames.  How pretty!  I also love how this wall features a set of wreaths, almost like a gallery.  Find the tutorial here.



This wreath uses fresh carnations, but you could easily substitute silk flowers if you needed to make the wreaths ahead of time.  Repetition is the key here, and the result is a beautiful monochromatic wreath of flowers!  You could also pick a different bloom for your wreath - roses, ranunculous, really anything!   Find the tutorial here.



This wreath uses burlap as the fabric choice which adds a really lovely texture layer, but you could substitute in just about any kind of fabric you'd like.  What about lace?  Find the tutorial here.




And last but not least, we feature this wreath that is simply made by taking small circles of fabric and sticking them into a wreath frame with pins.  Super easy!  Find the tutorial here.



All of the wreaths featured today could be made with very little investment and very little elbow grease.  You don't have to be a perfect craftonista in order to tackle a wreath.  So grab your hot glue gun, and get to work!

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