Winter Wonderland Wedding!

by Jenny Bryde 26. December 2014 01:11

So Christmas is over, and we need a pick me up!  Check out these gorgeous inspiration pictures of weddings taking place in winter but not Christmas themed!  



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Cold Weather Engagement Sessions

by Jenny Bryde 19. December 2012 00:37

Don't let Mother Nature stop you at your door!  Tell your fiance and your photographer to grab their coats and gloves and follow you outside for some amazing photo ops in the snow!  With the impending storm coming, those of you who were hoping for a white Christmas are all set to go!  A winter wonderland is the perfect backdrop for love.  Check out these examples below...



photo by Jonathon Campbell Photography 



photo by Rebecca Westover Photography 



photo by Stacey Hedman Photography 



photo by Front Room Photography 



photo by Tiny Water Photography


So remember, your photos do not have to be in an indoors studio just because the weather turns on you.  Make lemons out of lemonade...or snow lemons out of...nevermind.  Just get bundled up and get out there!  

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Will We Have a White

by Jenny Bryde 5. December 2012 00:33

Six years ago I flipped my car upside down into a ditch after fishtailing on some black ice.  I was as good as new, however my car and my nerves were damaged for good.  Since that point, ice and snow have given me the heebie jeebies.  There is one time of year though when I love looking out the window to see mounds and mounds of snow covering every possible surface...Christmas of course.  Do you all remember last year when there was no snow anywhere around here?  Christmas felt weird.  Still good of course, but weird.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a white Christmas this year, and I thought I could possibly inspire Mother Nature and a few of our brides as well with some winter wedding pictures.  Take a look at these gorgeous pictures taken out in the frosty snow!


Picture by Mike Larson Photography

Picture by Brovado Weddings

Photo by Jenny Haas Photography

Photo by Peter Bang Photography 


So while these pictures don't make me want to go out and sommersault in my car a million times, they might make me step outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather no matter what time of year I was getting married!  

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Winter Accessories for the Winter Bride!

by Jenny Bryde 28. January 2012 14:53

It's hard to resist a little glitz and glam when you are a winter bride who wants to capitalize on the crystalized landscape.  Check out these hot accessories and wardrobe pieces for a Jan/Feb/March bride!


Don't these pics make you feel a tad bit warm and cozy on a cold, drizzly winter night?  Whether it's faux fur or rhinestones galore, why not try on something from this post to spark up your warm fuzzy feelings?

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A Wedding in a Winter Wonderland...dsWalking in a Winter Wonderland...WWal A Winter Wonderland Wedding!

by Jenny Bryde 20. December 2011 08:21

I am a complete sucker for themed weddings AND vintage Christmas decor, so this week I kept on having visions of a beautiful "White Christmas"-esque wedding...  If I were going to get married around this time of year, I'd want it to look like this...



My favorite part is the evergreen shoots wrapped in burlap ready to go home with the guests!   Who wouldn't want to attend this wedding a-walkin' in a winter wonderland? 

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