Re-purposing Old Window Frames for Wedding Decor

by Jenny Bryde 20. July 2013 16:38

Today at the Habitat Restore, my husband and I found an awesome old window frame that just begged us to take it home.  And so we did.  Now in my living room, I have a great opportunity.  Will I etch letters into the glass?  Will I use it as a picture frame?  So many possibilities!  We left behind sereral other window frames that also need a good home, and it got me thinking about how cool it is to repurpose old items, specifically windows in this case, to make something beautiful, functional, and unique for your wedding.  Here are some ways that others have used antique window frames in their weddings:


This would make a great decor, but it would also be something amazing to hang in your new home as a reminder of your wedding day!


This bride etched a beautiful quote into the glass.  


What a great place to hang place cards or escort cards!


Window frames make unexpected and beatiful additions to a ceremony backdrop.  


A beautiful way to display wedding pictures of parents and grandparents.


A funky background for your photo booth area!


Such wonderful opportunities lie in what would otherwise be disgarded into the landfill!  What unexpected items have you repurposed for your wedding?  

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