Black and White Beauty - a Monochromatic Wedding Palette

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2014 00:26

When asked what their wedding colors will be, most couples will have some sort of vibrant hue thrown in.  Few couples stick with a black and white affair, although it makes for a striking color combination!  Black and white together are this universal combination that could be left alone in all their glory or combined with your favorite shade of any color to make an interesting combination.  For today, we keep it pure as we feature some images from black and white weddings for you to consider...


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The Get Away Dress

by Jenny Bryde 9. June 2012 07:59

It's so hard to pick THE dress. We hunt and we, sugggestions, magazine articles galore while we hunt for that perfect gown that compliments our ideal wedding day. Some brides have been getting a little a good picking TWO dresses for their big day. Sometimes it's one dress for the ceremony and a different one for the reception, and sometimes brides have a sassy little number to don as they make their get away from the big crowd and start married life. If I were to be on the hunt for a little white dress, these are some that I'd pick...

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

What do you think? Will you make your escape in a different dress than the one you originally wore?

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Happy Valentine's Day to all our Readers!

by Jenny Bryde 14. February 2011 00:53

Roses are red, violets are blue.  We love our weddings and our readers do too!  Okay, okay, love birds, so I'm not a poet.  But I do want to wish you sweethearts a lovely, lovely Valentine's Day.  It's a commercially contrived holiday full of expectations and overpriced trinkets, but ONLY if you make it that way.  Here are ten things from that you can do on this day that aren't corny, cliched, or contrite:

1 - Reinact your first date.

2 - Enjoy the last weeks of winter (yay) with some outdoor activities - sledding, skiing, or skating anyone?

3 - Get a couple's massage. 

4 - Leave rose petals on trails around the house.

5 - Get a hotel room - why not do some homework on potential honeymoon suites?

6 - Unplug your electronics and stay home!

7 - Go somewhere brandnew for a walk, a dinner, or just to hang out.

8 - Get away - drive somewhere or last minute fly somewhere warmer than ici.  :)

9 - Get dressed up and go out to see and be seen by other love birds.

10 - Work together on a piece of the wedding - vows, making decors, whatever...just make sure it's not a stressful planning activity!

And for your visual enjoyment - here's a Valentine's Day inspiration board...just in case you're planning a wedding for this time next year and need a little dose of lovely...


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