Wedding Day Emergency Kit

by Jenny Bryde 17. October 2009 10:40

Ask just about any seasoned bride or groom out there, and they will tell you that on the wedding day there was at least one thing that they could have used but didn't have.  In some cases, the "thing" was a minor need, but in others, the "thing" would have been a major lifesaver on a hectic day!

I'd like to start a running list here today of things that should be brought with you on your big day in a Wedding Emergency Kit.  Here's what I have so far thanks to as well as from


  • brush/comb
  • cell phone (turned off before the ceremony!)
  • clear nail polish (chips and stocking runs) and nail polish that matches the bride's manicure
  • emery board
  • extra panty hose
  • hair spray
  • handkerchief/tissues
  • touch-up make up
  • mints
  • small hand mirror
  • travel-sized perfume
  • Visine
  • baby powder (last-minute spills on a white dress)
  • bobby pins/hair ties
  • corsage pins
  • cotton balls/swabs
  • extra earring backs
  • extra pair of flat shoes
  • hairdryer
  • curling iron/flat iron
  • clothes iron
  • lint brush
  • sewing kit (buttons, hem tape, needle, safety pins, straight pins, scissors, thread to match the wedding party attire)
  • shoe polish
  • spot remover
  • static cling spray
  • straws (drinking liquids w/out messing up lipstick)
  • keeper garter and throw-away garter
  • white chalk (to cover stains on white dress)
  • wrinkle-out spray
  • antacid pills
  • asprin/ibuprofen
  • band-aids
  • contact lens solution/case
  • deoderant
  • insect repellent 
  • lotion
  • medications
  • moist toilettes
  • mouthwash
  • smelling salts
  • sunscreen
  • tampons/pads
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • wash cloth or hand towel
  • extra cash just in case
  • personal camera
  • driver's license
  • duct tape
  • extra copies of directions to the reception
  • important phone numbers of friends and family
  • important phone numbers of alternate vendors in case of emergency (San Diego Wedding DJ)
  • back up equipment (San Diego Wedding DJ)
  • notebook and pen
  • portable flashlight
  • roll of quarters (parking, vending machines, etc)
  • snacks/bottled water
  • umbrella
  • watch
What else is in your emergency kit?  What else should we add to our list?  Leave a comment, and I'll update the post to show all your input!  :)


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