Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

by Jenny Bryde 1. April 2014 01:09

You’ve spent a mint on the big day.  You’ve never paid so much for cake and outfits before.  What happens if something goes wrong on the big day?  Do you need wedding insurance??? 

Many couples will go through their entire wedding planning experience and never consider whether or not they need an insurance policy for arguably the most expensive day in their lives.  Admittedly, we did not have an insurance policy, and it never even occurred to me as something that we would have needed.

So why would a couple need to consider wedding insurance?  What does it cover?  What does it cost?

First off, a policy will range from about $200-$500 depending on how much coverage a couple wants.  This seems like quite a bit, but stop to think about how you are also spending hundreds of dollars on cake on the same day.  Don’t get me wrong, cake is very important, but so is peace of mind.

Wedding insurance policies will NOT cover a bride or groom being left at the altar.  Sadly, there is no refund for that.  They can cover a situation where a bride or groom is called away to military duty, or if a vendor does not show, or if a guest is hurt at your wedding.  Different policies cover different events and last for different lengths of time, so read the details closely and make sure you know what you’re purchasing.

Two great reputable websites to find more information about wedding insurance are:

You could also call your local insurance agent to see if that is an event that you can have covered. 


For an event that you spend a long time planning, you might want to consider a wee bit of security with a wedding insurance policy.  That way you can sit back and enjoy your day!



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