Worst Wedding Gifts Ever!

by Jenny Bryde 15. June 2013 15:46

The other day my husband alerted me to a Yahoo.com article about the worst wedding gifts that you could ever receive.  Before anyone jumps up and proclaims that we should all be grateful for whatever receive, it's the thought that counts, and all that jazz, I say to you, relax.  I am right with you.  We are all good, grateful people.  That being said, let's talk about bad wedding gifts.  :)

Here's what Yahoo had to say about the 5 worst wedding gifts.

1) Cold hard cash.  Easy to lose, easy to steal.  Instead if you were going to be giving someone a lump sum, maybe consider writing a check and mailing it to them so that they don't have to worry about random twenties walking away on their wedding day.

2) Offbeat presents.  Do everyone a favor.  Stick to the registry list.  It's a guaranteed win.  If you feel that a registry selection is impersonal, try to add a personal touch to it.  For example, if you buy someone a cake stand from their registry, add a note with your famous homemade cake recipe.  

3) Home decor.  Please do not buy someone a statue or other specific decor item unless they register for it.  It's too hard to guess what would look good in someone's home, and they will always feel the need to display it when you come over because you picked it out.  

4) Awkward presents.  (And this one blew my mind.) Please don't give weirdo presents to a bride and groom such as baby clothes or underwear.  It's just weird and makes awkward moments for the bride and groom to deflect when opening gifts.  

5) Honeymoon excursions.  Unless the couple specifically registers for honeymoon excursion items (a growing trend), please don't go out and schedule something specific for them to do when all they want to do is relax and get away from all the tight scheduling that a wedding can create.  

After reading the article together, my husband and I had a conversation about our wedding gifts and were trying to remember if we received something that we just hated.  We really didn't think we did.  Score for us!  We did have some exchanges and a few things that we'll never use, but we never stopped to think that a guest of ours was a terrible present buyer!  

What do you all think about these wedding gift no-nos?



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