Predicting the Weather for Your Outside Wedding

by Jenny Bryde 13. July 2013 15:30

During the last rounds of storms earlier this summer, I sat huddled in my basement with my husband, child, dog, cat, and a healthy supply of fish crackers for sustenance.  While we were only in the basement for about ten minutes while the storm ransacked our neighborhood, I was fuming at the weather forcast which still showed zero percent chance of rain on my weather app.  I then started thinking about how at least we didn't have any specific plans that were ruined due to the storm.  Then, of course, I started thinking about weddings and how we balance the gamble of weather versus outdoor festivities.

It rained on our wedding day.  Yes, everyone has told us that it was lucky, but I still grumble that we lost out on having our outdoor reception (and the unrefundable money we plunked down for outside decor).  Would it have helped to have had an accurate weather forecast from the get go?  Definitely, but no one knows for sure when the skys will ultimately open up and be a buzz kill.  

With so many people wanting outdoor weddings, what's a girl (or guy) to do???  The best our news stations can give us is ten days which doesn't help when we plan our weddings on average a year in advance.  Has anyone tried using the Farmer's Almanac to help make a decision on our wedding day?  

Going to, you can see the Farmer's Almanac website where under the long ranger weather forecast for the Heartland (us), it will tell you about general predictions through the end of October.  You can pay the $4.99 to see week by week detailed forecasts, or you can just glance at a copy of the Farmer's Almanac in a book store or other retailer.

Directly from the site, here's what we can expect for the forseeable future:

Annual Weather Summary: November 2012 to October 2013

Winter temperatures will be higher than normal, on average, with precipitation and snowfall near normal in the east and below normal in the west. The coldest periods will be in late December, early January, and early and mid-February. The snowiest periods will be in mid- to late November, mid- to late December, early January, and early March.

April and May will have near-normal temperatures and rainfall, on average, with hot temperatures in late May.

Summer will be drier and slightly cooler than normal, on average, despite hot spells in late June, mid- and late July, and mid-August.

September and October will be slightly drier than normal, with near-normal temperatures.

Temperature and Precipitation November 2012 to October 2013

Temperature and Precipitation Graph

I'm wondering if we reconvene this conversation in November if we will be able to look back on this forecast as valuable and helpful when planning our fall weddings????  Thoughts?  



Jenny Bryde

Rain on Your Wedding Day?

by Jenny Bryde 11. May 2012 00:37

No one plans for it, but you need to be prepared for it.  And I don't just mean by remembering to pack an umbrella in your duffel bag o stuff that you take with you to the chapel.  I mean you need to make the most out of your wedding day, rain or shine, and this sometimes takes some mental preparation.  The week before our wedding, the forcast became more and more grim as we approached the big day.  The night before when I had come to terms with the fact that our plans for a mostly outdoor wedding were not going to be realized, I had a mini-melt down.  I gave myself ten minutes to cry and feel sorry for myself, and then I had to snap out of it.  Our wedding was beautiful and amazing and definitely one of the most important events of my life, and I'm glad that I was able to pull my head out of my sorrows in order to enjoy it whether it was inside or outside.  One positive of a rainy day is that umbrellas and puddles make for amazing pictures!  In fact, photographers will tell you that they prefer an overcast day when shooting outside because the shaddows on people's faces are not as sharp as they are under direct sunlight! 

Check out how these couples made the most of a gloomy day...



Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Source: via Jen on Pinterest



These pictures are priceless, and from the looks of it, the rain was the least of their worries!  So pack a cute umbrella, a spunky pair of boots, and get your smile ready, rain or shine!

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Simple Tricks To Keep Your Guests Cool and Happy

by Jenny Bryde 11. May 2011 05:05

Finally!  We've broken through the winter/spring rut of groggy days and murky weather to beautiful sunshine and warm temps...REALLY warm temps!  Yesterday, my (non-airconditioned) office thermostat let me know that it was a lovely 87 degrees.  While us summer brides may love the warmth, our guests may have mixed feelings about traveling or sitting outside on a summer day.  And while the day IS in fact for the bride and groom, ya gotta keep those guests happy as well.  Children, pregnant woman, or elderly guests can are more easily affected by extreme temps as well. 

Here are some tips to keep those guests cool and happy...

1) Alert your guests to the fact that your wedding is outside, if that is the case.  Knowing ahead of time that they will be sitting outside in July will give guests a chance to make appropriate outfit choices.

2) Consider portable shelters or air conditioning.  It's amazing how far venue supply rentals have come.  You can rent tents that have misters or even air conditioning units to keep the cool air flowing. 

3) Avoid metal.  Some rental companies offer metal chairs which could burn someone if left out in the sunny weather.  Opt for plastic or wooden chairs if possible.  Heat can easily scorch someone's bare skin or even go through some lighter clothing. 

4) Give out "cool" favors such as sunscreen, blotting papers, handkerchiefs, fans, parasols, or water bottles. 

5) Keep the cool drinks flowing.  Iced beverages taste especially nice on a hot day.

So this is just a start... There are tons of other things that you can do to keep your guests happy!  Remember - happy guests equal great photographs, good groove on the dance floor, and fantastic memories of your wedding day! 

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Mother Nature is a Fickle Fiend

by Jenny Bryde 18. September 2010 06:49

Rain is lucky on your wedding day, correct?  Hmm...who came up with that cliche'd omen?  Probably some mother or wedding planner who was trying to console a bride on the verge of tears as her outside alter washed away in the rain. 

Anyhoo, today is our wedding day!  I was going to write this weather post yesterday, but it would have been a bitter, bitter thing, and this is a happy place.  So I waited until I had come to terms with the onset of rain drops.

Mother Nature really played me for a fool this past week.  With a wedding day full of outside activities, I happy stalked the 10 day forcast for the past 10 days.  Here's a recap of the forcast for today on each of the ten days:  sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, cloudy, rain, rain. 

Eeks!  So what's a girl to do? 

First of all, I think it's necessary to say that when you plan an outdoor wedding, you need to have a back up location on site like a building or something unless you are totally cool with the moisture.  Maybe a covered tent would work as well...  We have a location on site and a fantastic site coordinator with TPC Deere Run, so we knew we could take the weather gamble.

Second of all, don't stalk the ten day forcast.  Until three days out, it was totally incorrect about what I am seeing now that we are here.  Just ignore it.  Pretend it doesn't exist.  Find something else to obsess over like the seating arrangement or your nails.

Third of all, even if you have a freak thunderstorm that melts your makeup and blows your ceremony to smithereens, realize that this is your wedding day.  It's not about the rain.  It's about your love and about opening a new chapter in your life.  Enjoy the day no matter what.  

And rain drenched brides and grooms make for hot and amazing pictures, so let your photog play up the moment and smile.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go repowder my nose and check the status of my rain poncho.  :) 


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