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by Jenny Bryde 6. April 2013 07:09

Photography and videography are some things best left to the professionals because when it comes down to it, the average Joe and Jane doesn't know squat about what makes a good capture and how to edit all the pieces together to allow the viewer to concentrate on the content - your wedding.  When engaged, we look at countless options for recording these precious moments, and depending on our budget and taste, we make a selection and go with it. Lots of people want to try their hand at recording and capturing their own wedding day because it's less costly and can add that personal touch that we enjoy seeing later on down the road. 

Where should the two worlds of professional and personal meet?   Enter  

For around $500, the company will send you 5 hand-held flip cameras on the Wednesday before your wedding day.  They are yours to use and record as you see fit, and after your wedding day is over, you send the cameras back to the company.  They take the footage that you and your guests captured and edit it all together and create a professional video for you to have back.  Pretty cool, right?   Below is a sample video. 

Wedit Trailer Bahamas from Brett deMarrais on Vimeo.

So it isn't quite your random friend who doesn't know what they are doing, and it isn't quite a professionally shot and edited video, but it is a great option for some couples.   Would you use a service like Wedit?  

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