We Totally Say Yes To The Dress! Royal Wedding Recap

by Jenny Bryde 30. April 2011 03:06

You thought once the wedding had come and gone that you'd stop hearing about it, right?  Oh so wrong!  Now is the time to disect all the yummy details that went into each part of this flawless event starting with what I consider to be one of the most important elements of the whole she-bang: the dress!

Secretly planned and crafted by Alexander McQueen's successor, Sarah Burton, the dress prooved to be a perfect fit both for the bride and for the event.  It was tasteful, classic, with some modern structural elements that did indeed make it look like a flower blossoming around the princess bride. 

Here are some close up pics in case you haven't caught them all on the tube!

 I love the romantic sweetheart neckline!  So sweet!  Of course, Westminster Abbey would require the lace applicay as well...

Look how tailored the wasteline and opening of the dress is.  Perfection! 

One newsreporter was comparing Kate's veil to that of a midieval queen's.  Beautiful...

Kate has been complimented on the length of her train...not the mile long frock that you've seen on other royal brides. 

Appropriate for a "commoner".  lol

Look at the detailing that went into the bodice of this gown. 

As you get closer and closer you find more and more beautiful custom work! 

Each flower on the lace applicay was handmade!

This dress even looks good when Kate is sitting down. 

A very important test as no one, not even a princess, can get away with the "scrunched look"!

All in all, I'd say that the dress was a perfect work of art for this occasion, and I think that several elements of this dress may be see emerging in bridal fashion later this year and on into the future! 

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