Pink and Gold Glitter Valentine's Day Inspiration!

by Jenny Bryde 12. February 2013 00:42

You love us, you love us not.  You love us, you love us not.  You love us!  Yay!  We here at love our brides and grooms and vendors, and we hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day whether you celebrate out on the town or snuggled up next to your SO on the sofa.  


Here is a little Valentine's Day wedding inspiration for you in the form of a pink and gold glittery inspiration board!  

Photos above from left to right, top to bottom:

Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4



Photos above from left to right, top to bottom:

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4



Photos above from left to right, top to bottom:

Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4


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Pinkalicious Wedding Details

by Jenny Bryde 4. February 2013 09:11

With Valentine's Day coming up, I just can't get enough of the color pink.  Pink, pink, and more pink do I see when I'm doing my wedding research.  Here are bunch of my favorite pink wedding pictures.  Too girly?  Maybe not girly enough!  



Are you going for a pink or other Valentine's Day inspired theme?  Hearts?  Cupids?  

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Happy Valentine's Day to all our Readers!

by Jenny Bryde 14. February 2011 00:53

Roses are red, violets are blue.  We love our weddings and our readers do too!  Okay, okay, love birds, so I'm not a poet.  But I do want to wish you sweethearts a lovely, lovely Valentine's Day.  It's a commercially contrived holiday full of expectations and overpriced trinkets, but ONLY if you make it that way.  Here are ten things from that you can do on this day that aren't corny, cliched, or contrite:

1 - Reinact your first date.

2 - Enjoy the last weeks of winter (yay) with some outdoor activities - sledding, skiing, or skating anyone?

3 - Get a couple's massage. 

4 - Leave rose petals on trails around the house.

5 - Get a hotel room - why not do some homework on potential honeymoon suites?

6 - Unplug your electronics and stay home!

7 - Go somewhere brandnew for a walk, a dinner, or just to hang out.

8 - Get away - drive somewhere or last minute fly somewhere warmer than ici.  :)

9 - Get dressed up and go out to see and be seen by other love birds.

10 - Work together on a piece of the wedding - vows, making decors, whatever...just make sure it's not a stressful planning activity!

And for your visual enjoyment - here's a Valentine's Day inspiration board...just in case you're planning a wedding for this time next year and need a little dose of lovely...


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Because I Love You...Ten Free Printable Stationery Items...

by Jenny Bryde 14. February 2010 01:06

Happy Valentines Day!  It's 6am, do you know where your love is?  Mine is sleeping in, and I've been debating for the past half hour if jumping on him with a big plate of heart-shaped pancakes would be viewed as loving or antagonizing at this fine hour.  Maybe I'll wait until I finish this post before I rip the covers off of him!  :)

Along with weddings, Valentines Day is one of the biggest occasions to send a note or a card to someone.  Some of us are the Hallmark aisle kinda people, and some of us are happy to make something to send to our friends and family.  

Because I love our readers, here are ten free printable stationery items for you to use whether it's for today, your wedding, or any ol' occasion.  Click on the pictures to take you to the downloads!  


an I Heart You Card from Clever Someday

Valentines Day garland from Whisker Graphics

a favor box template from Don't Eat The Paste

envelope labels from Domestica

save the date set from Ruffled

place cards from Creature Comforts

table numbers from Creature Comforts

tags from Creature Comforts

thank you card from Ruffled

an entire coordinating wedding stationery suite from Inspired Bride

an entire coordinating wedding stationery suite from Wedding Chicks

Let's pretend that I really can count to ten and just put the eleventh printable in for a little bit of extra love. :) I hope you find these free printables useful in your Valentines and wedding endeavors! Please remember that all of these printables are free due to the graciousness and generosity of the graphic artists at each link. The files are for you to enjoy but not for any resale purposes. Other than that, go nuts!

Come on! Print that heart card off right now, sign it, seal it with a kiss, and then give it to your fiance when he asks you why you've woken him up early on a perfectly good Sunday morning with a plate of heart-shaped pancakes! ;)

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Valentines Day Wedding Inspiration!

by Jenny Bryde 6. February 2010 04:50

Don't deny it. We all love the candy hearts, perforated cards, and everything smattered in pink and red.

While in general, I'm not an over-the-top Valentines Day person, I do love the color palette and the subtle gestures of love and friendship. Today we are displaying a few inspiration boards found around the blog world that show how some people have turned a cheesy-peasy cliched* holiday into something beautiful for their weddings!

inspiration board courtesy of bliss wedding market.

inspiration board courtesy of the inventing weddings blog.

inspiration board courtesy of the green wedding shoes blog.

This post does a double service of providing wedding inspiration and also reminding all of us that we may need to go out and purchase some candy hearts and/or perforated cards and/or something smattered in pink and red...

*If you are a cupid or any kind of Hallmark employee, my apologies for insulting your integrity. :)

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