A Biopsy of a Man and His Suit

by Jenny Bryde 15. June 2010 01:35

So now that I've got my fiance on a roll of being excited about wedding stuff, I thought we'd just keep feeding that fire!  This past weekend we formally outfitted my guy.  First of all, I should share some background info.  My fiance is a much more conciously good dresser than I am.  I am perfectly happy schlepping together an out fit, and if it's wrinkled, I'm okay with that.  Sometimes I don't quite match.  My weight has flexuated a TON over the last three years, so often times my clothes are too baggy.  I'm kind of in that place right now where I'd rather spend money on wedding things than a new wardrobe, so for now, my dud duds will have to make do.  My fiance, on the other hand, is frequently complimented on his apparel.  He always looks...sharp...dapper...put together. 

Therefor when it came time for him to decide what he wanted to wear, I knew it would be a big deal.  The only input I gave is that I wanted the guys to wear suits not tuxes and that if they could be dark blue, that would be ever so nice.  I wanted suits rather than tuxes because our overall feel of our wedding is lovely and well done but comfortable...  Our color scheme is with blues and yellows and shades of white.  The bridesmaids are all picking a yellow dress, so that's how we ended up with the guys picking out navyish suits to wear.  Anyhoo, fast forward to last Friday where my fiance and I decided it was time to go shopping for him.  After stopping in quite a few places, we sound discovered that you could rent black suits, white suits, brown suits, tan suits...but we couldn't find a single place that would rent a blue suit. 

We decided that buying a suit wouldn't be so bad after all because then my fiance could have the suit for many occasions down the road (i.e. interviews, social occasions, date night! ).  We ended up in Mens Warehouse which is a little overwhelming.  I know nothing about suits.  I mean I know there's a jacket component and a pants component, and other than that, I'm clueless.  We were graciously welcomed by Phillip, the manager, who spent the next hour and a half with us. 

I would say that Phillip was "helping" us, but it was so much more than helping!  The first thing that he did was took some measurements on my fiance, asked us a few questions, and then started bringing over some jackets.  Each jacket he brought over was in the blue category which was our only real requirement, but with each one, Phillip pointed out specific attributes that made that jacket unique from the one next to it.  For example, did you know that suit jackets come either with a center vent, no vent, or two side vents at the bottom?  And depending on which jacket style is chosen, the pants chosen should be either with or without pleats?  Depending on a man's body type, certain jacket and pants styles will fit better. 

Another fun thing about all the jackets that Phillip brought over were all the beautiful linings inside.  No, not beautiful...manly, handsome, dapper.  However you prefer to compliment a man's wardrobe, the linings were fun!  I know that no one ever sees the linings, but man, there is some neat handywork on the inside of a jacket! 

Also, buying a good suit may mean that you need to have alterations done.  In rare occasions, a man will pull a suit off the rack and everything will fit perfectly, but usually there is something that needs to be done.  Shortening of the arms, changing the venting styles, taking in a waistline, etc. 

In the end, we walked out of the store with my fiance's suit, shirt, shoes, tie, and pocket square for the wedding as well as a jacket, shirt, and shoes for the rehearsal dinner:


You can't quite tell in the pictures, but the darker suit is a deep gray blue...I think the picture from my phone makes it look kind of blackish brownish...

This whole experience was really satisfying, and just like everything else that we do, we tried to make it fun and right for us.  For others, maybe renting a formal tuxedo or suit will be right.  I'm glad we got our ducks in a row this weekened and got the outfitting of the groom checked off of the to-do list.  And my fiance will look beautiful!  Err...handsome, I mean!  :)

My questions for you today:  Where have you gone to get your guy's formalwear?  What tips can you share about do's and don't's?  For what "handsome" style tips should guys be on the lookout?

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