10 Rocking DIY Wedding Projects!

by Jenny Bryde 19. April 2014 08:54

Open your windows, take a deep breath of spring air, and crack your knuckles because it's time to get your DIY on!  Of all the things you'd like to do for your wedding, getting that custom look can come at a pretty penny unless you're willing to roll up your sleeves and tackle some dirty work yourself.  These 10 DIY projects are for any skill level and would totally amp up your wedding decor!  Which of these looks good to you?


DIY Bouquet found here.

DIY Button Numbers on Books found here.

DIY Rose Medallion Chair Decor found here.

DIY Sharpie Decorated Mugs and Vases found here.  

DIY Floating Heart (or other shape) Background found here.  

DIY Floral Crown found here.

DIY Paper Towel Garland found here.

DIY Popsicles found here.

DIY Fabric Ribbon Backdrop found here.

DIY Stamped Napkins found here.


My personal favorite is the ribbon backdrop.  I am in fact mounting one to go behind the headboard in my daughter's room!  Which of these DIY wedding projects appeals to you?

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