How to Tie a Tie

by Jenny Bryde 30. March 2013 16:34

We brides have it easy.  Get into that dress, slip on those fancy shoes, straighten your veil, and away you go!  Men, while appearing to be suave and calm on the outside are really only having one thought - How in the heck do I tie this tie???  Images such as the one shown below will make your man sweat, so give him a break and help him learn how to tie a good tie (neck tie or bow tie) with the tutorials listed below.


How to Tie a Bow Tie from the Art of Manliness website

Tie a Bow Tie from

How to Tie a Tie from Esquire Magazine

Or my favorite, the video below which features Bill Nye the Science Guy demonstrating how to tie the perfect bow tie!




So help your man out by learning with him so that he can be that cool groom who knows how to be classy without breaking a sweat!

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