Trash Your Dress...What???

by Jenny Bryde 4. February 2010 01:45

On the last post we talked about the possibility of winning an amazing dress. Today I'd like to focus on brides who can't wait to trash an amazing dress.  Trash The Dress sessions have been a growing phenomenon lately, and I can't quit scratching my head over it.  If you're thinking to yourself, "Surely she can't mean that they trash their dresses...", then I will tell you that 1) Yes, they trash as in destroy their dresses, and 2) don't call me surely...  :)

Here are some examples:


photo from chugach peaks blog


photo by nine photography


photo by rachel richter photography


photo by rick johnson photo

I have good feelings and bad feelings about this. Let's do some pros and cons.

Pros: Those pictures are interesting, thought provoking, and unique. It would be very liberating to go crazy in a dress that you've been fairly cooped up in during the wedding day. I've heard that dry cleaning can get out just about any stains other than motor oil, and you might have to dry clean your dress even if you didn't trash it..

Cons: You will quite possibly ruin your dress forever. If you ruin your dress you won't be able to pass it on to a daughter or donate it, so it's pretty eco-unfriendly. Your mother would kill you. (Hint: If you do this, dry clean your dress, and show it to your mother before you show her your Trash the Dress pictures. Less chance of a heart attack for her or a slap in the face for you.)

So what do you think? I think...the jury's still out...


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