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by Jenny Bryde 9. June 2011 03:33

Last Christmas my mom gave my dad one of those digital picture frames which wasn't on his list to Santa but turned out to be the best gift ever for my dad.  Since then, my father has gone through thousands of photographs that had been just piled into boxes and dusty albums for decades.  He's spent the winter and spring scanning, and scanning, and scanning, uploading pictures as they became digitized.  Some of my favorites that he's scanned so far are the pictures that were taken at my parents wedding in 1973.  They are totally entertaining for my brother and me, and they always get me thinking about traditions that have remained as classics and traditions, thank goodness, that have fizzled away.  Let's take a look, shall we?

 Here they are standing at the altar. 

What's the same?  Traditional church setting, white dress, candles.

What's changed?  Rarely do our modern day grooms don a perrywinkle blue tuxedo with ruffled cuffs.  Also, muttonchops.  :)

 This is my Grandpa Ross.

What's the same?  What a classically cut tuxedo.  He looks so sharp! 

What's different?  We don't see as many white dinner jackets with black slacks, although I'm totally in favor of them making a come back!

 Here are my parents cutitng their cake.

What's the same?  Couples still feed each other the first pieces of cake.

What's changed?  This cake was pretty much the extent of the food at my parents' wedding.  No formal dinner was expected, and folks just celebrated over a yummy slice of cake.

 Here are my parents opening some of their gifts.

What's the same?  You still have to smile all day long and pose with things like you are a Barker's Beauty.

What's different?  I thought it was interesting that they opened gifts at their reception.  I am glad that this has changed as I have present opening anxiety.  :)

And it wouldn't be fair to share my parents' wedding photos without including mention of one of their most memorable gifts: twin planters in the same of mini-outhouses with my parents' names burned into the wood.

What's the same?  Every couple that I have ever known to get married has received some sort of outlandish gift that they just can't quite fathom how it came to be. 

 Here are my parents with each side of the family.

What's the same?  Formal family portraits and cute little blue suits.

What's different?  Not much.  I love little blue suits!

 Here are my parents fleeing the church.

What's the different?  No longer should we be throwing rice as apparently exploding birds are out of style.

What's the same?  We will always love looking at genuinely happy smiles caught on camera. 


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