Chicken fingers and smiley fries = Cash

by Jenny Bryde 29. July 2009 06:19

This post is going to save you all money.  It's going to save me money for sure.  And it's something that not everyone realizes when they are planning with their caterer for their wedding.  As you start discussions about menu options and your eyes start to glaze over at the thought of an elegant dinner with fine china and shimmering crystal, stop for a moment and look at your guest list.  Along with your family and friends comes.....CHILDREN. know...the little shorties that turn up their noses at lobster tail and steak in lieu of chicken fingers and smiley fries.  A good caterer is going to alert you to this fact and have a children's meal available for the little guys.  This could save you BIIIIIIIIIIG money.

For example, at TPC Deere Run Golf Course in Silvis, IL, Michelle McMullen, the site event coordinator, will be the first to tell you that their children's menu is not only more appealing to kids but will cost you a mere fraction of an adult plated dinner. 

Do you like to see things in black and white numbers?  Here's some math to shake things up a bit:  A guest list of 150 people includes 30 children.  Your plated dinner cost is $30 a plate.  Tax is 7%, and gratuity is a mandatory 18%.  Your full price for all adult meals would be $5681.70.  If you remember to tell the caterer that you need only 120 adult meals and 30 children's meals, your bill would come to $4924.14.  That is a savings of $757.56!  Yikes!

So...what have we learned today, boys and girls?  Speak up and ask questions when you are talking with your wedding vendors.  Many, many caterers have options for children, and most are going to alert you to these options, but if they don't, it's your job to ask!

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