DIY Project - Tissue Poms

by Jenny Bryde 5. December 2009 16:40

I have an obsession with ruffly, fluffy, feathery, paper things.  And lately, it's been my luck that ruffles are back in a big way in wedding decor and style.  Recently around the web I have seen more and more tissue paper poms, and I thought to myself, "Self, you could make these...", so I gave it a whirl.  As it turns out, the project was easy-peasy, inexpensive, and yielded some very pleasing results.  Here's the lowdown...

My materials:

1)  Tissue paper...lots of it.  You could do any color, but white will probably be the easiest and most affordable tissue paper around.  I found a pack of 120 sheets of white tissue paper at Hobby Lobby for under $4.  Each small tissue pom will take one sheet of paper while the larger ones will take anywhere from 2-5 sheets, depending on how full you'd like them to be.  

2)  GOOD scissors.  Do not be foolish and try to make your crappy kitchen shears work for this project when you are making 1000 of these bad boys.  Your hands will hate you.

3)  Ribbon.  I used 1/8 inch white grosgrain ribbon, but you could probably use any color and width.  

If you can follow me around the horn here starting with the top left corner, I'll explain my steps.  

1)  Lay out 1 piece of tissue paper.

2)  Fold in half once. 

3)  With the "short side" facing you, start to fold your tissue paper accordion style with about 1" folds.  

4)  Snip off the end that has your original crease from step 2.

5)  Double knot your ribbon securing the knot in the middle. 

6)  Use your GOOD scissors to round both ends of your tissue paper.  You can do pointy or more rounded.  Experiment.  :)

7)  Admire your work thus far.  Consider tying this around your neck as a bow tie.  Giggle.  Continue to step 8.  

8)  Pull the ends of the folded up tissue paper apart on both sides. 

9)  Gently pull the layers of tissue paper away from each other.  Curse yourself for any rips that occur then realize that no one will notice.

10)  Fluff, fluff, fluff.

11)  Account for any lopsidedness with more fluffing. 

12)  Acquaint the new flower with its brothers.

13)  Let your cat inspect your work.  

14)  Repeat steps 1-13 nine hundred and ninety-nine more times (not pictured). 


Try this one out!  I really think these tissue poms could be worked into many different types of wedding decor as garland, table decor, maybe even as favors for your guests.  Go crazy!  Let me know if you have any questions or successes with this project!  Go ruffles!  

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