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by Jenny Bryde 29. August 2009 14:07

I may have mentioned before that our engagement is possible one for the records.  Okay, maybe not, but it is longer than average at a little over two years.  I am finishing school, and we were both wanting to save money.  So it made sense for us to pick a date in the future.  At first it seemed silly to talk of our plans and to make reservations, but all of a sudden, I looked at the calendar and realized that we are encroaching upon our "minus one anniversary".  A year away...and honey, we have lots to do!

I am a list person...type A...slightly to majorly obsessive depending on the situation.  This is our wedding we're talking about folks, so I'm leaning toward obsessive rather than slight. 

To keep my sanity (and thus my fiance's as well), we have been keeping up with a check list of things to do each month up to the day of and beyond a wedding.  The following is the most basic of basic check lists that it most weddings.  If you look, there are a gazillion wedding checklists out there from the most basic to the very complex.  If you have a wedding planner, they've got the mother of all mother of check lists that help to keep you on target. 

12+ Months Out

Pick a Date
Get Organized
Build Your Budget
Get the Guest List in Order

Select your Location(s)
Wedding Registry Time

8+ Months Out

Start Shopping!
Consider Your Colors
Get the (Bridal) Party Started!
Interview Vendors

Dress your Wedding Party

6-7 Months Before Your Wedding

Finalize the Guest List
Arrange Accommodations

4+ Months Before Your Wedding

Taste the Cake!
Time to Plan the Honeymoon

Review Marriage License Requirements and Apply

3+ Months Out

Send Your Invitations
Set the Schedule
Order Wedding Favors
Shop for Bridal Party Gifts

2+ Months Out

Create a Perfect Playlist

Plan Rehearsal Dinner

Plan Wedding Weekend
New IDs and Documents with New Address 

1 Month Before

Primping Practice Run

2 Weeks Out

Final Guest Count
Seating Charts

1 Week Out

Make any last minute seating arrangements/adjustments.

Confirm honeymoon reservations and pack!

Confirm rehearsal and wedding day plans with attendants.

Have a relaxing massage

The Day Before

Get a Little Girl Time
Pay Attention to Details
Get a Good Night's Sleep

Your Wedding Day


Smile and Have Fun

So there you have it...I've got some work to do.  Ladies and Gents, where did you find your wedding check list?  Let us know!  :)

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