Wedding Present Theft...Something to Look Out For

by Jenny Bryde 28. September 2009 01:19

I have a bittersweet tale to share today, ladies and gents.  Like most of you all upcoming brides and grooms, my fiance and I have given very brief consideration about our gift table.  I know that we'll have some sort of table with some sort of box or birdcage to collect envelopes.  Beyond that, we hadn't given anything else much thought.  

A woman that I went to junior high with got married this weekend and had her reception at a local hotel.  Her wedding day was absolutely perfect, and everything went well...except for the gift table.

A long story made short, the hotel which hosted the reception was in charge of periodically securing the gifts from the gift table in a locked area so that the bride and groom and family could come back in the morning and pick up their gifts.  At one point of the evening the bride noticed a few people at her bar that were not guests and asked them to leave.  

The next morning when they went to collect their gifts, the envelope box was gone.  After a frantic search, it turned up stuffed into a closet with of course the contents shredded and money gifts gone.  

Security tapes and witnesses are being gathered, and the bride, groom, and family have decided to keep in mind that the day was beautiful and lovely even with this situation happening. 

The bride's mother sent out an email today urging upcoming brides and grooms to be conscientious of their gift table and of security to keep out unwanted visitors.  I thought it was definitely worthwhile to pass this message on to you all.  

Find someone who can be in charge of securing envelopes maybe every half hour, especially after the first major influx of guests to your reception area.  Ask your venue about how to keep out wedding crashers.  Be proactive about this, folks.  There's no reason why a newlywed couple's beginning nest egg needs to be taken...


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