Why am I Thankful?

by Jenny Bryde 25. November 2009 12:44

As we settle down tonight to gain some well needed rest, my mind wanders to the essential question for tomorrow - Why am I Thankful?

The question is simple, and the answer complex.  However, as a holiday present to you all, I will forgo my usual verbosity and sum up my blessings in a list of 3 things.

1.  I am meticulously prepared for the onslaught of ingredients, messes, and family members that will traipse through our happy home tomorrow. 
2.  All my loved ones are healthy and safe.
3.  My fiance is able to give me reasons to love him everyday.  We can make it through anything; he is the love of my life.

Here's to you all, dear QCWeddings.com readers, and I hope you have many things for which to be thankful!


PS...Here's a little treat if you're still looking for a fun way to spruce up your Thanksgiving table or wedding stationery...Printables from the Creature Comforts Blog! http://tinyurl.com/yzh5jww


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