Simple Tricks To Keep Your Guests Cool and Happy

by Jenny Bryde 11. May 2011 05:05

Finally!  We've broken through the winter/spring rut of groggy days and murky weather to beautiful sunshine and warm temps...REALLY warm temps!  Yesterday, my (non-airconditioned) office thermostat let me know that it was a lovely 87 degrees.  While us summer brides may love the warmth, our guests may have mixed feelings about traveling or sitting outside on a summer day.  And while the day IS in fact for the bride and groom, ya gotta keep those guests happy as well.  Children, pregnant woman, or elderly guests can are more easily affected by extreme temps as well. 

Here are some tips to keep those guests cool and happy...

1) Alert your guests to the fact that your wedding is outside, if that is the case.  Knowing ahead of time that they will be sitting outside in July will give guests a chance to make appropriate outfit choices.

2) Consider portable shelters or air conditioning.  It's amazing how far venue supply rentals have come.  You can rent tents that have misters or even air conditioning units to keep the cool air flowing. 

3) Avoid metal.  Some rental companies offer metal chairs which could burn someone if left out in the sunny weather.  Opt for plastic or wooden chairs if possible.  Heat can easily scorch someone's bare skin or even go through some lighter clothing. 

4) Give out "cool" favors such as sunscreen, blotting papers, handkerchiefs, fans, parasols, or water bottles. 

5) Keep the cool drinks flowing.  Iced beverages taste especially nice on a hot day.

So this is just a start... There are tons of other things that you can do to keep your guests happy!  Remember - happy guests equal great photographs, good groove on the dance floor, and fantastic memories of your wedding day! 

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How to Give In to your Inner (Lighting and Tenting) Demon

by Jenny Bryde 18. April 2010 02:12

Before you read the rest of this post, stop and think for a minute about the thing that you find most daunting in wedding planning.  Is it finding the right dress Controlling the budget?  Getting along with family?  

And now that I've made you focus on something that makes your blood pressure elevate, take another minute and do some deep breathing and yoga poses.  

All done?  Good.  I because today I need your undivided attention...

I have found that planning our wedding has been overall a highly enjoyable journey.  I found the dress early on, our budget has been maintained, and our family members have been on their best behavior!  So what is keeping me up at night?  What topic has made me exhaust all of my internet searching abilities to no avail even though I have a Masters' degree in Library and Information Science???????  

Globe string lights.  Damn you, globe string lights!  You are impossible to find and when found, impossible to afford!  And even if we did invest our life savings into you, who would hang your strands over our reception area so that our guests feel as though they are being watched over by woodland nymphs and fireflies?????????  

Can you tell that I've fantasized about this?  As always, I like to provide visual aids for you lovely readers.  Here are some pictures that started this illumination frenzy...

Board 20: Gia Canali - NIGHT SCENE

Photos by Gia Canali via Style Me Pretty

robert and kathleen

Photo by Robert and Kathleen Photographers via Style Me Pretty


Photo from Big Fish via Weddingbee


I have invested wayyyyy to much time/stress on this topic.  Yet, there is salvation after all...

Ever heard that you find what you need when you're not looking for it?  I think whoever coined that phrase was probably looking for globe string lighting and was probably talking to Mark from AAA Rents.  

Yesterday was the day that we had planned to go to book all of our rentals for the reception:  tents, tables, and chairs.  Nothing too outrageous about that list.  As I sat down with the incredibly patient Mark and his super amazing creative staff, I started to talk to him about how we wanted open air tents so that we could hang lighting on them.  He suggested that we take a look at their lighting options.  I knew that they had the big globe lights, string lights, lighted tulle, flood lights, and a number of other options, and to be quite honest, I thought that Mark was going to suggest the big globe lights for our tent frames which was not what I had in mind.  I followed him around his shop, however, and low and behold, AAA Rents does indeed have the small globe lights that I had been craving!  They have enough to light all of our reception!  

And what's even better?  They are going to install them for us!  So guess what, Dad!  You don't have to rent painter's scaffolding and climb up with electrical wires in your tuxedo!  YAY!!!

Not only was Mark super helpful in calming my inner lighting demon, he was also a really great listener as I described my very vague ideas of what the reception should look like.  There isn't a standard price list for tenting due to all the variables that come in to play: size, location, height, pole placement, materials, embellishments, draping, and more.  In order to figure out what I needed and what AAA Rents had to offer, I droned on for a bit about what ideas I had while Mark made notes on a paper that looked a little like a complicated football diagram.  After a bit, we had a solid plan of exactly what and where and how bright all my lovely globe lights would be for the reception!  

So bye bye sleepless nights!  It's all downhill from here.  What?  My baker thought I wanted a cake made of broccoli?  My seamstress thought that I wanted my dress tinted brown?  My fiance invited his 200 member staff?  Bring it.  After lighting, I think I can tackle anything...

If you reading this then you are probably getting married.  If you are getting married, you are probably going to need to rent some things.  And if you need to rent some things, a great place to start is with Mark and the rest of the AAA Rents crew!  Getting the rentals pinned down really alleviated a ton of stress and questions that had been weighing on my mind!  

All the big items are planned, and now my dad can stay safely on the ground where he belongs!  :)

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