Wedding Ink Ideas!

by Jenny Bryde 7. December 2015 01:11

So you might not want to get each others portraits tattooed on your arms, but maybe you'd like something else in the ink realm that you both can share.  Amongst the hundreds of pictures of bad tattoo ideas, there are some very tasteful and simple ideas that couples have done that really satisfy that itch without leaving an ugly blemish on your body.  Check out these couples' wedding ink ideas!



Jenny Bryde

Wedding Tats!

by Jenny Bryde 19. July 2015 14:19

You say the vows, sign the papers, and don the rings.  Are you and your significant other willing to take on something a little more permanent?  As in ink?  Check out these couples who have gone under the gun for each other.  



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The Tattooed Couple

by Jenny Bryde 18. August 2013 15:50

I was on the hunt for information and pictures of non-traditional wedding bands, and I think I've discovered the next big thing in weddings - Matching tats!

Before you say poo poo and that you don't want his name tattooed on your arm or vice versa, I want to clarify.  That's not exactly what I have in mind.  What if your wedding band was literally a symbol, word, or number that meant something to you engraved on your ring finger?  

Still not warming up to the idea?  Here are some pics to make you take a second glance...



So many reasons why I like this idea!  For starters, it's a great symbol of your relationship albeit a permanent one, but this is a permanent relationship, we're all talking about, right?  Also, it would be a super fun pre-wedding jitters kind of relationship.  And finally, it's a refreshing twist on the ol' wedding band.  Love this!

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