Wedding Day Survival Kits

by Jenny Bryde 22. June 2013 00:50

You've planned, you've plotted, and you've plundered your bank account.  Now the big day has arrived, and you find yourself desperately in need of __________!  

This scenario plays itself out at probably all weddings, so today's post is all about how to proactively plan to avoid any must have item catastrophes.  Do you have an old bag, a fishing tackle box, a caboodle???  Grab it, and we're going to fill it with some very important items that may just save your life (figuratively) on your wedding day.  Here is a great starter list from Swatchbook Weddings:



Looks like a promising list, and these are items you could quickly gather in a supermarket sweep.  Would you rather just have the kit done magically for you a la Fairy Godmother?  How about picking up one of Exclusively Weddings' Bride Survival Kits.  This company also has ready to go kits for mothers of the bride and bridesmaids!

I could also see giving a survival kit as an engagement present.  What a great way to relieve some stress from the bride's to-do list!  Have this all put together for her and in a cute little basket!


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