Simple vs. Ornate: What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

by Jenny Bryde 9. June 2014 00:47

Clean classic lines?  Or feathers, beads, and ruffles?  Your wedding dress is a big decision as it should be flattering to the bride while reflecting her tasts while at the same time setting the tone for the entire wedding.  Is this a formal wedding?  A fun wedding?  A relaxed wedding?  Today I'm featuring five simple and five ornate dresses.  Which set do you prefer?

Here are the simple dresses:

Beautiful chifon sleeves and a simple train:

Sheer fabric and low key ruffles:

Clean lines and minimal bling:

Lightweight fabric and a streamlined silhouette:

A classic tailored look with some simple embellishments:


And now for some ornate dresses:


A mesh back with ornate crystal beadwork:

Enough tulle to make this bride appear to be sitting on a cloud:


A deconstructed look pulled off beautifully:

Feathers, beads, and ruffles galore:

A million layers of ruffles offset the mermaid silhouette:

So what do you think?  Are you a more demure and simple bride?  Or do you have a penchant for something...more?

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Vintage Wedding Looks Making a Comeback?

by Jenny Bryde 30. September 2013 15:35

I recently found some cool images of vintage Vogue covers, and I began thinking about how fashion is so cyclical.  What was instyle yesterday will be revisited once, twice, several more times in the future.  The same goes for wedding fashion.  I started digging, and I found all these amazing pictures featuring 1940s-esque wedding fashion.  Some of these are really pictures from that time period while others are featuring recently designed gowns that reflect a style from a time gone by.  Could you pull of this vintage look?  


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