Slush Fund Five Dollar Finds!

by Jenny Bryde 22. September 2010 09:01

Adding a slush fund to your wedding budget is something that every bride and groom is going to need.  While you think you’re on top of everything (like I did), you are going to end up needing/wanting/using numerous random things (like I did), so let’s all come to terms with a little bit of your budget set aside for miscellaneous supplies.  And hey, if I’m wrong, and you don’t end up using it, no biggie.  Just keep your receipts.  J

Here are a baker’s dozen $5 purchases that ended up being life savers in preparing for our wedding…

Fishing line – Not just for reels anymore, a good spool of fishing line came in handy in SOOOOOO many situations.  I used it to hang tissue poms so that they looked as if they were floating.  Fishing line is really strong, so we even used it to tie back curtains and to secure things to our tent frames. 

Chalk – Lots of handy uses here and there for a good piece of chalk.  It’s great for covering stains on white dresses, writing on things, and making removable marks on cement for where things should be placed outside. 

Boxes – Whether it’s a bunch of reused cardboard boxes or the sturdy plastic tubs that usually house Christmas décor, you are going to need to transport millions of items back and forth between where you store your wedding décor and your ceremony and reception locations.  Have on hand all different sizes so that your projects that consumed significant time and money will be well protected as they are ferried back and forth. 

Glue gun – I used my new glue gun for making my flower girl head pieces, but glue guns can also come in handy in attaching anything to anything. 

Sharpies – When it comes time to label all the boxes and bags around you, a good ol’ permanent marker will come in handy.  A sharpie is also good to mark things on the bottom so that you know what is yours and what is borrowed from which friend. 

Thumbtacks – We used these to attach fishing lines into grooves in walls and also to hang agendas on the walls in our dressing rooms so that everyone knew everything under the sun. 

Yard stick – Soooo handy when it comes time to measure fabric or ribbon or whatever.  Do not guess if you are trying to make 10 somethings that are all supposed to be uniform.  Measure twice, cut once (spend once). 

Pinking shears – If you are using fabric, these funny scissors will cut a zigzag into the ends so that the unraveling happens at a much slower rate or not at all…(I actually spent $20 on these, but they were so handy, I felt the need to include them here.  Don’t hate me.)

Journal – Carry a pen and a notebook with you EVERYWHERE.  I could be miles from my computer and have a great idea or hear a song that you must play to get people dancing or meet someone who has the number of a great florist or something.  Don’t leave your house without your journal if you are planning a wedding!

Wooden dowels – We used these as makeshift curtain rods which we tied to our tent frames to make it look like our curtains were just magically hung in place. 

Zip ties – You never know when you’re going to need something strong to tie something down, back, up…And you can always cover an ugly zip tie with a pretty piece of ribbon.

Baggies – Keep all those little pins and what not separated and organized. 

Tweezers – I used tweezers to attach my stamps (I had the “lick” kind”.)

Lint rollers – Good for giving your fabrics a once over before the wedding begins or pictures are taken. 

And I’m sure I have ten thousand other little odds and ends that needed to be purchased, but these were probably the most frequently used in a pinch…

So what have YOU purchased for your wedding that has turned out to be super important regardless of how little it costs or how odd it seems? 

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